24 April, 2021

Vacation Home Designs-According to LiLu

Vacation Home Design
A vacation home is an ultimate luxury in life. A spot where you can get away, relax and enjoy family and friends while leaving the day to day of work and routine behind. Here in Minnesota, we are likely to call these homes “cabins” which may or may not be lake homes or cottages. On the east coast, you might call it your summer home or beach house. In the mountains, you may have a ski lodge but no matter what you call it a vacation home is a spot you can go often to decompress from life. At LiLu Interiors, we have had the pleasure to design many of these second homes for our clients.

A Cottage Vacation Home

This sweet cottage is right down the hill from our client’s main home. A walking trip away the cottage is a favorite vacation house design of ours. Here you can take a two-hour vacation because there is no travel time Small and cozy with a full kitchen and a warm fireplace this cottage on the lake can be used during the summer to relax and enjoy after a day of boating. In the winter a warm fire on a quiet Saturday and enjoy the winterscape of the lake.  The relaxed aesthetic of this cottage vacation home design was created by using a combination of woods from the mahogany used in boats, rift-cut fir for a casual look, and white-washed fir to evoke an east coast cottage. Rustic tile and fittings complete the look. Easy care furnishings keep the cottage a relaxing spot.  In fact, it was featured in the book “Boathouses of Lake Minnetonka”. If you need a little armchair getaway, I recommend you pick up a copy. See the entire project here.

Rustic Vacation Home Design

If a more rustic vacation home is your vibe this beautiful home in Lutsen, Minnesota gives our clients access to both a lake and beautiful woods to hike in. Warm woods, durable slate floors combined with hand-made tile, and natural stone countertops to deliver a relaxed vacation home design with a timeless “up north” appeal. Perfect for entertaining family and friends on the large deck, by the firepit, or in the theater room. This home delivers all the best experiences without ever leaving the property. See the entire home here.

Log Home Nostalgia

A log home is a classic vacation home design in many parts of the country. The nostalgic appeal of a log home is likely to transport you to a different time and place where the visual cues are telling you to relax and unwind. This client’s eclectic collection of Asian antiques, art, rugs, and objects from travels to Alaska, Europe, and Sante Fe were all incorporated into the home to tell their unique story. A serious cook, our client wanted to entertain in a big way, so the kitchen was designed to support gourmet cooking.
Vacation Home5

Oceanside Vacation Home Design

This oceanside vacation home in Hawaii is the ultimate second home. The intention behind this home was to gather family, away from everyday life to a home where the focus would be on family. Our client even named the home “Ohana Mau Loa” which means family forever. Porcelain tile flooring, indoor/outdoor fabrics, and amenities like double washer/dryers and outdoor showers throughout the home keep the living in this vacation home design easy. Custom details like pool mosaics and carved Koa soffits and furniture are true to the island vibe.

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