17 June, 2023

Tired to Timeless Bathroom Remodel

We recently were asked by a favorite client to design tired to timeless bathroom remodel. We have worked with this family to renovate much of their home over the course of 20-some years. Yet we hadn’t done a major renovation of the bathroom occupied by the gentleman of the house.

When they first moved in, we personalized the bathroom by creating a faux library mural on the walls of the bathroom with book titles that were near and dear to his heart. While it was sad to say goodbye to this mural, it was time for the builder standard tile from the 80’s and the tiled countertop. Keep an eye out for the finished project in the coming weeks with before and after photos.

The Plan

Our client hadn’t approached this bathroom before because it functioned well, and the layout didn’t need to change. In our plan, we kept all the plumbing in the same spot which is a budget-friendly way to approach a bathroom or kitchen remodel.

KEY TIP: Keeping your plumbing in the same location is a budget-friendly strategy for a remodel

Below is the plan. We made no changes but used larger floor tile and opened the shower to have a larger door. These small changes will make the bathroom feel more spacious.

Tired to Timeless Bath Remodel plan


The Materials-Tired to Timeless Bathroom Remodel

We selected handmade tile with classic cream and blue glazes to create a timelessly appealing look for this bathroom.

The stone floor and granite countertops were selected to bring natural materials into the mix for a bit of a connection to nature. The granite also added a warm cool mix that is one of my favorite ways to create a room that isn’t rooted in a particular neutral. Read more about how to implement the warm cool mix in any room here.

KEY TIP: Use warm and cool neutrals together to create a space that will be adaptable to new trends

The classic crown tile has straighter lines which reflect a more masculine look.

The fabric texture of the blue wallcovering combined with a deep blue vanity paint and two colors of blue tile were selected to create a space with a variety of blue shades. This means the bathroom will continue to feel timeless, no matter what the blue of the moment is.

KEY TIP: Use a mix of shades of classic color for a timeless interior.

Tired To Timeless Bath Remodel

Plumbing Fixtures

 We went with plumbing fixtures that were white and fitting that were brushed nickel for easy maintenance and timeless appeal.

We used Brizo’s Baliza series of fittings for its nod to nautical design, Our client was sad to give up his almost vintage showerhead because he loved the experience of showering under it. We used a Brizo showerhead for its H2OKinetic Technology that makes a low-flow showerhead feel like more water. Read more about that on Brizo’s website.

The hand shower is an essential component of any shower for both cleaning the shower and for convenience as you age in place.

KEY TIP: Include a hand shower and block for future grab bars to make your remodel last as you age in place.

Tired To Timeless Bath Remodel Plumbing



One key choice we made to create a more timeless and spacious feeling in this bathroom was to remove soffits and dropped headers that were part of designing a tired to timeless bathroom remodel.

Once we had the materials selected we had to decide how to lay them out. One critical decision is the height of the wainscoting. In a bathroom, a higher height is practical for maintenance. One key tip with wainscoting is to never let it divide your wall in half. A two-thirds, one-third proportion is an easy way to create a pleasing look.

KEY TIP: Use a 2/3 to 1/3 proportion for wainscoting

We ran the accent tile and crown around the room and into the shower to keep a strong horizontal line which contributes to a more spacious feeling as well.

Tired To Timeless Bath Remodel Elevations



Lighting in bathrooms is critical both for function and for the aesthetic. We selected fixtures that brought together blue and nickel and helped our mixed finishes come together.

The timeless look that looks like the fixtures are vintage and up the style quotient of this tired to timeless bathroom remodel.

Tired To Timeless Bath Remodel

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Tired To Timeless Bath Remodel


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  1. Janet Lorusso says:

    Great tips on using finishes that are timeless! And I love the simple elegance of the Brizo faucets!

  2. Carla Aston says:

    Love it, Lisa! Good planning and pretty tile!

  3. Alisa Berry says:

    Beautiful selections for a timeless bathroom.

  4. Christie Adams says:

    I love this bathroom, especially the lighting!! Beautiful job!!!

  5. Amy Wax says:

    Love how thorough your blog post and why every details matters in creating such a beautiful space! Beautifully laid out, and so informative!

  6. Linda Merrill says:

    This is going to be such a handsome bathroom Lisa. Love the lighting!

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