16 July, 2021

Big Summer Patio Party Plans? Design Now to Enjoy Next Summer – Peek at a Project

Summer Patio Design - Plan Ahead!

Having a great outdoor space and summer patio design can truly make or break your summer. The perfect place to spend time with others outdoors is essential for getting enough sun and socialization to have a summer you're satisfied with.
Unfortunately, there has been a shortage of patio furniture in the U.S. recently. Check out this article for more information on these shortages.
To make sure you have the perfect outdoor space next year, and that these shortages don't stop you from creating the perfect summer patio design for next year, start planning your next summer this summer! Planning ahead can guarantee that your outdoor parties next year will be everything you dream of.
This week, we're giving you a look at a summer patio design we've been working on to inspire you to start thinking about your own outdoor space.

Space Plans

With this summer patio design, we wanted to create several outdoor rooms, including a dining room, a living or lounge space that includes a fire pit, a spot for quiet reading, and a grill area with a game table.
Another one of our clients wants was some separation between the grill area and the yard, and there were many other factors to consider.
One of those factors included thinking about whether we wanted to use a sectional or two sofas as outdoor furniture. A sectional is great for family-oriented gatherings, where everyone might want to get cozy with one another. A few sofas is a more formal option and are great for entertaining because it encourages conversation between people while offering multiple options for sitting. This is definitely something to consider while thinking up your own summer patio design!
Another consideration was the sunshine, we had to decide whether the pergola which gets a lot of sun during the early evening should be used for dining or a lounge area, and both certainly have their pros and cons.  In the end, we decided it should be a spot for dining and use pergola drapery to control the sun.
You can see in the floor plans below How we considered our options, and eventually settled on the best solution!
PatioSpace1 PatioSpace2 PatioSpace3


The realm of outdoor furniture can seem limited from the fabric perspective, but in reality, options for outdoor fabrics are becoming vaster and vaster each season. The options for outdoor fabrics used to be only very saturated - now there are outdoor fabrics in similar textures, colors, and patterns to what you would use inside of your home! These days, we can get fun colors, patterns, and textures in outdoor fabrics - there are way more options than there used to be!
Peter Fasano, one of our favorite fabric lines, will print many of their fabrics on outdoor fabric, giving you options that are more custom and personalized than outdoor fabrics tend to be.
PatioFabric1 PatioFabric2

Mood Boards

Our clients wanted their summer patio design to reflect the interior design of their home. Their interior is sophisticated and eclectic; it's a mix of traditional and modern classics.
With these mood boards, we aimed to reflect the same energy that the interior of the home possesses, mixing materials and furniture styles to create a traditional but modern balance.
For more outdoor space inspiration, check out this recent blog post of ours!
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  1. Janet Lorusso says:

    Great advice to plan ahead right now! And such great options for your lucky clients!

  2. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    Beautiful options! Love that Redondo Fore Table.

  3. Sheri Bruneau says:

    Ooooo… is it possible to love them all! I’m such a fan of blue and yellow. Each mood board is so beautiful, Lisa!

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