04 June, 2022

Sophisticated Dining Room Design Project Reveal – Peek at a Project

Sophisticated Dining Room Project Reveal

Several months ago, we showed you our plan for this dining room redesign. Today we are happy to share this sophisticated dining room design project reveal.
The LiLu design team always focuses on the why behind a project and for this dining room our clients wanted to
-Create a welcoming dining space where guests would want to linger
-Have storage for her grandmother’s china
-Have flow between the living room and dining room
You can read more about our initial plan in this post.
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The before of the dining room shows some of the obstacles we needed to overcome.
The radiators in the corners of the room took up valuable floor space. The windows were at two different heights and the current storage was low and inconvenient.
Our clients loved the modern art, brass sconces in the room and their classic dining table and asked us to retain these items.

Creating Flow

In the living room, which we design a few years prior, we used neutrals with blue and orange to create a lively and classic look.

Material Palettes

When choosing materials for this sophisticated dining room, we wanted to use the same blues, oranges, and neutrals that are used in the living room. So, blue is the main color in the palette. We are using blue wall coverings and window treatments to show off the white wainscoting and white built-ins. The contrast also helps highlight all the millwork in the room.
The vibe of the room mimics the same classic, slightly preppy vibe as the living room, with just a few unexpected touches, like the orange tape trim on the back of each blue dining chair. The classic brass accents flow with the older home, and a beautiful damask rug completes the space, keeping it cozy and sophisticated.
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Custom Built-in

On the wall with the radiators, we designed a unifying custom built-in. Using metal mesh over the radiators to both conceal them and let them do their job. The uppers are used to display the cherished china from our client’s grandmother and a low storage unit between the two hutches is storage for the remaining china and table linens.

Sophisticated Dining Room - Honoring the Architecture

We treated the two different windows with different styles of treatment but in the same fabric. We didn’t want to hide the original if quirky architecture. Roman shades were used where the low storage would prevent drapery from hanging to the floor and a one-way draw drapery panel on the other window creates balance for the vertical towers on the built-in and brings softness to the sophisticated dining room design.

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