07 April, 2021

Serene & Soft Master Bedroom: Peek at a Project


The master bedroom of our client’s new construction home in Linden Hills was a blank slate! The newly completed room needed decorating touches to make it soft and serene. Follow along as we talk about our solutions for the design problems in this space.

The design problems:

-The room was very angular and needed softness.
-The windows on the front of the house created asymmetry in the bedroom, leaving no room for drapery to stack on the right side of the larger windows.

The design solutions for Serene Bedroom Window Treatments:

-We installed top-down-bottom-up pleated shades for privacy. They can black out the room at night for better sleep. And during the day, you can open just the top portion of the shades to let in sunlight, but still maintain some privacy.
-We absolutely needed fabric window treatments to add softness! The pleated shades simply weren’t going to be enough.
-Layering these two types of window treatments allowed us to achieve all of the client’s goals: blackout for night, privacy but access to light for the day, and overall something that pretty and made the room feel more finished.

Pro tip: The ceiling is actually painted the same color as the walls in this space. It’s something to consider when you don’t have crown to separate the wall and ceiling planes and you are using a light-to-mid-tone color.

Designer Tips for dealing with Window Drapery & Architectural Asymmetry & Creating Serene Bedroom Window Treatments


-Sometimes you can cheat and make two way draw draperies look symmetrical by off-centering them on the window. People won’t be able to see where the window trim starts and stops behind the panels, so they won’t realize that one side of the window is covered more than the other. We didn’t think we could do this in our particular installation because there was absolutely no drywall on the right side. So no cheating this one, it was VERY asymmetrical.


-If there is no room to stack drapery on one side, then maybe an asymmetrical drape is the answer. That was the case with our client’s master bedroom. That’s when you turn to a one-way draw. That means all of the drapery stacks on one side of the window and there is no stack on the other.


-If two draperies are meeting in a corner, sometimes it is best to use a corner elbow on your hardware so that the drapery panel can look continuous across the corner. This made sense in our installation. It was asymmetrical anyway, so why leave a funny gap in the corner?

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Comments on Serene & Soft Master Bedroom: Peek at a Project
  1. Leslie Carothers says:

    What a genius idea for this VERY asymmetrical space, Lisa. Your clients must be thrilled with the way your provided such a beautiful solution to their problem. I love how the corner elbow helps to make the space feel more symmetrical and the pretty fabric and trim is now what catches my eye.
    PS: I need to install the same top down solution for light, privacy + black out in my own home. Thanks for that tip, too.

  2. Janet Lorusso says:

    A great solution, Lisa! Draperies are such a great way to help a room feel “finished”, and these added so much to the design!

  3. jeri says:

    the drapes really finish the space so beautifully – and what an excellent solution for mounting. Looks fabulous and the best of both worlds – cozy cocoon or let the sun shine in.

  4. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    What a great solution! Brilliant!

  5. Sheri Bruneau says:

    What a wonderful solution for your clients! Having an asymmetrical room is a challenge and as always, you hit this out of the park!

  6. Anne DeCocco says:

    I LOVE reading about tips and tricks for window treatments! This is such a fantastic post – well done!

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