15 May, 2017

Aging in Place – Peek at a Project

Aging in Place is today's Peek at a Project.  You may recognize this project from a couple weeks ago where we shared with you the green, sustainable and net zero side of the house but did you also know that many of the key decisions that were made in this house directly relating to Aging in Place and Universal Design?
As the homeowner's were envisioning their future, they set out an intention for this house to be their forever house and so they wanted to plan for all things that could come their way such as injuries, illness, and just plain old aging.  Let's face it...as we grow older so do our bodies and ease of our environment can help us all age better.
Take a peek into a this home which was done in collaboration with an architect.

Aging in Place Floor Plan with Ease

This floor plan was designed by an architect and LiLu helped put on the finishing touches.  One level living is a key component to aging in place.  From the kitchen, to the bedroom, to the laundry all necessary items to live out your day are located on one level with flush transitions in flooring and clear paths to get from place to place.
Aging in Place - Floor Plan

Finishes Selected with Intention

Many people might not understand the importance of selecting the right finishes to go into their home especially when it comes to aging in place.  One of the most important materials is your flooring. We selected a non-slip, non glare tile with little to no variation along with a resilient marmoleum.  The transition between the two is flush but noticeable by the change in texture.  From ease of using a walker to a wheel chair, as well as changes in your vision, we made sure to cover the bases.
Aging in Place - Flooring Materials

The Right Soft Materials

At this house, we selected low pile rugs to add softness to the space, but not to interfere with your clear path as you move throughout the house.
Aging in Place - Living Room

It's in what you Touch

From the door handles to the cabinet hardware, we selected each to be pull levers as well as easy to use cabinetry options.
Aging in Place - Lever Door Handles

Bathroom Functionality

The bathroom may be the one place where beauty could be compromised but not at this house.  We added blocking in the wall for future grab bars and hand rails as well as made the shower curbless so that a walker or wheel chair can maneuver right on in.  Easy to use lever faucets were also selected as well as a hand shower for ease of cleaning.
Aging in Place - Master Bathroom Interior Design