09 February, 2020

Overcoming Your Fear of Wallpaper : According to LiLu

Overcoming Your Fear of Wallpaper- According to LiLu

It’s been “on trend” for a while now but the truth is, our studio never stopped using it. For many it inspires fear and trepidation. Their experiences with it in their youth left them scarred but we, at LiLu Interiors, think it’s time for overcoming your fear of wallpaper.

It’s Too Hard to Remove

You may have in the back of your mind, a time when taking old wallpaper off the wall involved a steamer and hours of scraping! I can direct you to a good counselor for the trauma if you’ve ever gone through this kind of hell and I know the secret to never experiencing this trauma again. It doesn’t involve banishing the beauty of wallpaper from your life forever.
Here’s the secret…..hire a professional wallpaper installer. It’s really that simple. A professional installer will ensure that your walls are properly primed and sized before installing wallpaper, which is the key to easy removal. That’s it. It’s that simple.

I Not Sure I Can Live with That Much Pattern

I hear you! Pattern isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer the subtle things in life and for them we have a wallpaper solution. Texture. While wallpaper isn’t for everyone, it can add warm to a room in a way nothing else can.
Textural wallpapers, like grass cloth, linens, strings and burlap can add beauty to the back of a bookcase, an accent wall or an entire room. The warmth of a layer of texture adds subtle beauty to an interior that can make you swoon!
See…don’t fear pattern, texture is your wallpaper solution.
Overcoming Your Fear of Wallpaper

What if I Get Tired of It?

If you’ve been reading the blog, you’ve read a bit about the new anti-trend trend. I’ve been touting this approach to design for a long time and here is the beauty of this “trend” If you LOVE something and it speaks to you, you are less likely to tire of it.
I have a couple of jackets I’ve owned for 20 plus years, one is red. I love red, it’s a great color, I’ve loved it my whole life. My wardrobe always has a few red items in it. Red is one of my signature colors. If I choose a wallpaper with a bit of red, I’m likely to always like it. Choose a color and pattern that feels authentic to you and you will like it for a long, long time.
If you decide it’s time for a change the good news is, if you followed our first piece of advice and hired a professional to install your wallpaper, you won’t have any problem changing it.
Overcoming Your Fear of Wallpaper

It’s Too Bold A Move

Stop Right There! It’s your home…a place where you can truly be yourself and express yourself. If you can’t do you at home, where can you! Whether you like bold, classic or subtle there is a wallpaper out there for you and I say go for it!
Just like anything in an interior, a wallpaper can convey a mood or emotion or set a tone for the space.
A wallpaper in an entry can introduce guests to the overall feeling to expect in your home. In a powder room, give an unexpected flair! In a bedroom, give you a sense of the personality of the room’s occupant. Wallpaper can create drama, whimsy and interest throughout your home in a way paint just can’t. Go for the gusto and have some fun with wallpaper. After all, you only life once.
Overcoming Your Fear of Wallpaper Overcoming Your Fear of Wallpaper Overcoming Your Fear of Wallpaper Overcoming Your Fear of Wallpaper pin this 1 Overcoming Your Fear of Wallpaper

Comments on Overcoming Your Fear of Wallpaper : According to LiLu
  1. Jeri says:

    Your work is enough to convince even a confirmed paper-phobe! Stunning choices. And I know you’re right about the installation being key to removal. The coral paper in the dining room is stunning and I’ve always loved bold, colorful options in a bathroom.

  2. Leslie Carothers says:

    I love the colorful wallpapers here, Lisa, and I am definitely not afraid of it..just afraid of getting tired of it, since I change things around so often!

    1. Christina Rodriguez says:

      I love wallpaper! If I used it in my house it would have to be on the ceiling since the walls are heavily textured.

  3. Claire says:

    Lisa you are spot on with this post! I am saving this for future reference to share with clients when they bring up one or all these reasons as to why wallpaper scares them! Beautiful photographs. Congratulations with your own lines of textiles and wallpapers!

  4. Janet Lorusso says:

    I totally agree that wallpaper adds a layer (no pun intended!) of fabulousness to any space. What beautiful examples you’ve shown here! I am a huge fan of grasscloth for its classic look and warm texture, and I especially love it in the back of bookcases – such a simple way to elevate the whole look

  5. Carla Aston says:

    These examples re so fun! I’m always trying to present wallpaper and it can be a hard sell! I have one client now that is pattern and color adverse, so we are going with textural wallcoverings, just like you suggest, to add some interest.

  6. Donna Mancini says:

    Lisa, your work is so stunning! That bold foyer is unreal honestly! … I love wallpaper as well, and there are so many ways to create impact with it as you’ve shown. I’ve share your blog in the hopes of helping others step away from the fear!

  7. Maria says:

    Oh Lisa, you are speaking my heart! If I could put wallpaper in every client’s house I would… I am a huge fan, and I do anything I can to convince people that once the see the effect in one room, they will want it other rooms too. Once, I introduced the idea to clients new project and the husband said: “over my dead body!” Well the wife wanted so much that convinced him that if he let have wallpaper in the foyer, he can have any other room the way her wanted. After we did the foyer with amazing success, guess what? We put wallpaper in dining room, dining ceiling, living room, master bedroom and keep going… It was a miracle!
    Well said!

  8. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    I love wallpaper and all your examples. Also love that you said ” It’s your home…a place where you can truly be yourself and express yourself. If you can’t do you at home, where can you! “. I hope your post inspires bravery!

  9. Mitzi Beach says:

    Fab post Lisa! I tell my clients that you simply cannot get the same benefits wallpaper gives by paint alone. All your points are spot on but especially your point on doing what you love like you never get tired of red, your signature color.
    Cheers to wallpapering!

  10. Sabina says:

    I especially love powder room wall paper! I think that it gives it that extra oomph! Sometimes powder rooms can be somewhat boring, I definitely am with you on that one. It’s also nice having an accent wall with wallpaper, I enjoy that too :)

  11. Wendy says:

    I agree with Jeri, your work ya do burgeons that it will get anyone over the fear of wallpaper!

  12. Kristie says:

    I love this post! I am a huge fan of vintage wallpaper. I recently purchased an old home where I am doing a mix of preserving vintage wallpaper, installing new but period-appropriate wallpaper, and hanging a couple of rolls of unused vintage wallpaper I bought at an estate sale. You are correct – the secret to easy wallpaper removal is having it installed correctly in the first place!

  13. Sheri Bruneau says:

    The examples you have provided of your work, along with an explanation, should be more than enough to realize wallpaper can be an option for your home. The tip about the install (for easy removal later one) is golden!

  14. Trevor Kyles says:

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