15 January, 2020

Intentions for Your Home In the New Year: Peek at a Project


New Year's Intentions for Your Home

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home, or what LiLu would like to call New Year’s Intentions for Your Home…What’s the difference, isn’t that the same thing? One could argue that resolutions and intentions are basically the same thing but in this case as it is used so often at this time of year, New Year’s Resolutions are often short-lived while we like to think of New Year’s Intentions as having longevity.

Intentions verses Resolutions

Maybe altering how you frame it affects how one wouldapproach it?  Resolutions might suggest an end goal with a specific road map of how to get there, while intentions describe the goal but the road map to get there could look a variety of ways. There are many paths of travel you can take to get to the same destination. Intentions encompass broader terms and help you think of your life with more intentional thought. 

Designing Intentional Spaces

This is where LiLu Interiors can help map out what that looks like. We are in the business of designing thoughtful spaces for our clients to support their intentions. While resolutions might state a specific desire to finally file those papers and purchase a file cabinet, an intention might state you want to live more organized life.

Guiding Questions-To support Intentions for Your Home

And why don’t those papers get filed? Purchasing a file cabinet might be part of the solution, but when we think about our environment in terms of supporting our lifestyle we come up with more global solutions. What kind of papers aren’t getting filed? What is the larger goal, to be able to find the information when you need it? To not have papers piled on kitchen countertops? When we identify the end goal, the solutions address the habits which determine the routines which are either supported by your environment or contribute to the issue. Asking these questions will help create a path to supporting your intentions for your home. 

Intentional Design

We start with the intentions and then design spaces accordingly. Take a peek at a few spaces we have designed for our clients and see if you can guess what their intentions were?
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