07 May, 2022

How Your Home Can Rejuvenate You-According to LiLu

Fight Stress with A Rejuvenating Home

It is my goal that every one of the LiLu clients has a complete understanding of how your home can rejuvenate you because they experience it first-hand.
Is it just me or has the commute to work and back become more stressful? Work itself is a bit more challenging these days too. Supply chain disruptions, every workroom so busy they can’t get us quotes (we are so lucky to have understanding clients), and everyone we talk to feels like they don’t have a certain answer. World events aren’t helping anyone’s stress level either. That’s why I appreciate coming home at the end of the day even more than I have in my life. A weekend spent at home feels like a rejuvenating treat!

Bedrooms that are a soft place to fall

A bedroom that is a soft place to fall is a thing to treasure. Soft colors, luxurious textures, and a calm vibe. There is nothing better than rest and sleep to heal what ails you. For your home to truly rejuvenate you it should have a bedroom that allows you to deeply rest. We listen to each of our clients to develop an understanding of what allows them to rest. That is one key to how your home can rejuvenate you.
Some top requests are soothing colors, a cave-like lack of light, soft bedding that feels super luxurious, artwork that speaks to your soul and places to sit that can be a spot to read or meditate.
Here are a few examples of bedrooms we’ve designed that are a soft place to fall.
Rejuvenate2 rejuvenate1
If you want to know more about how your bedroom can rejuvenate you please read Sleep Your Way to Wellness.

Rooms to Disconnect

One way your home can help you feel refreshed is to include rooms where you can disconnect and practice mindfulness. Yoga, meditation, and cooking are great ways to practice mindfulness. Design a room for yoga and meditation into your home so you have a getaway every day. Have a place to stash phones right outside the room. Use simple design and soothing colors. Keep visual clutter to a minimum. Reduce stress by planning storage well and having all the items needed close at hand and organized. For more on how to design a great yoga space read this blog.
Use the same principles when designing your kitchen. By using simple soothing colors and storage solutions that eliminate visual clutter you can focus mindfully on cooking. Each fragrance, color, and activity can become a mindful moment that lowers your blood pressure and allows you to leave the stress of the outside world behind. Want to know more about mindful cooking? This blog from All plants is a great way to learn more.
Rejuvenate5 Rejuvenate4 Rejuvenate3.

 Rooms to Fill Your cup

While I love going to a museum or listening to live music at a club that isn’t an everyday occurrence in my life. Running a business, raising kids, and volunteering often take a front seat to the things that fill my cup. Can you relate? What does feel your cup? Playing music, working on a hobby, spending time with a cup of tea or coffee while sitting quietly?  One strategy you can use is to have a space at home where you can fill your cup without having to travel far.  This is how your home can rejuvenate you. You could sit in a soothing guest room and quietly have a cup of tea or take a nap away from your own bed. If music fills your cup, create a music room or a spot to work on your favorite hobby in a quiet spot. Knowing what fills your cup and designing that experience into your everyday life is a wonderful way to give yourself a boost.
Rejuvenate6 Rejuvenate7 Rejuvenate8 PINTHIS How Your HOme Can Rejuvenate You

Comments on How Your Home Can Rejuvenate You-According to LiLu
  1. Carla Aston says:

    Lovely work! Love that blush toned bedroom.

  2. Denise Jadd says:

    With our stress levels, home should be a safe haven! Love the idea of having a peaceful retreat to fall into – this is the perfect refuge to rejuvenate.

  3. Amy Wax says:

    I love you’re focusing on wellness and creating a home that will be a peaceful retreat. So timely, what we should al be thinking about these days!

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