19 April, 2011

Environmental Psychology – Remember Tomorrow

By Emily Anderson, Allied Member ASID
I recently attended a seminar by Environmental Psychologist, Dak Kopec. He remarked that interior designers could also be called Futurists. I loved this! And we at LiLu have always made this part of our mission for every project . When designing spaces for our clients we always have their future in mind. We never forget tomorrow. And the tomorrow of every client is different.
Here are a handful of ideas that help keep future needs in the present.

  • Specifying quality furniture that will stand the test of time, both physically and aesthetically.
  • Use durable fabrics that will hold up to Fido and kid-os.
  • Incorporate Universal Design elements when possible, its principles are good design for all
  • Use colors that YOU love to be in, not just color trends that come and go

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