24 January, 2018

Designer Super Bowl

Super bowl party
Designer Super Bowl Party
A designer Super Bowl party? The reality is everything is designed. Whether we know it or not. Someone designs the pen we hold in our hand. Someone designs the car we drive. Someone designs the home we live in. And someone designs the experiences we have. Often WE design our own experiences (we just don’t think of it this way). We can design the perfect Sunday afternoon by thinking about the things we want to include in our day. With the Super Bowl being hosted in our home city, Minneapolis, we wanted to help out everyone hosting a Super Bowl Party. WE CAN design the perfect Game Day. All we have to do is apply a little intention and creativity. Here are some top things to consider in designing the perfect game day.

Create the right ambiance

Having the right space for casual entertaining is high on LiLu Interiors list for the perfect Game Day party. A space that centers on watching the game but can still be conversational during the commercials is essential.
Make sure every seat has a table nearby to set a drink and a plate so guests don’t feel they are nervously perching while trying to snack.
Keep the space casual and welcoming. Fabrics with color and texture that feel cozy strike the right mood.

Create a perfect guest list!

Maybe everyone in your crew is a big football fan. It won’t be hard to create the perfect guest list if this is the case. Think about your guest list as the base recipe for the success of your party. Create a list of people who will be lively and bring positive energy to your party. If you have one non-football fan, try to invite a few other people who may want to monitor the game lightly while enjoying each other’s company...that way they won’t distract the true fans from the game with idle chit chat.

Serve the perfect food!

Match the food to your crew! Foodies coming over? Think about a menu with unusual appetizers and craft beer. Down-to-earth crowd? Maybe consider chili in ramekins and chips! The main thing is to serve a crowd pleasing menu that matches your guests tastes.
Super bowl partySuper bowl partySuper bowl party game day space

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