03 January, 2021

Create Joy at Home: According to LiLu

Create Joy at Home is one answer to the LiLu question of 2020. At the beginning of last year, we redesigned our website to answer one question in ten different ways. That question was:  what will you do with your place in this world? See the Post Here. The answers are as follows: live artfully, gather your tribe, entertain at home, create joy, re-feather your nest, eat well, live sustainably, reinvent yourself, rejuvenate, and be productive. In 2020, many of these themes showed their importance, while some of them were missed. While many of us had to skip gathering our tribes and entertaining at home last year, we hope that by year’s end, these will become important answers to the question “what will you do with your place in this world?” once again! This year, we want to dive deeper into each of these themes. So, each month, we will be covering specific ways to actively design these intentions into your place in this world. The intention we are featuring this week is “Create Joy at Home”.

Joyful Colors

One way to create joy home is to utilize joyful colors. Color psychology informs us that colors like yellow and orange naturally create joy in the human brain and lift a space, but each of us may have our own joyful color palette that is unique to ourselves. Maybe your personal color palette of joy includes pink and aqua! Try visualizing what joy feels like to you, then look around. What colors embody joy for you? Trust what you see and use it to create a joyful color palette in your home.
Create Joy at Home Bringing joy to your home can help you have a home that is a haven from the world and reflects your intention to have a happy, peaceful home. READ MORE ON OUR BLOG #joyfulhome #happyhome #createjoy #happyinteriors #interiordesign #interiordesignideas #interiordecorating #happypatterns #happycolor #interiorcolorpalette #interiorcolorscheme #colorscheme

Joy & Pattern at Home

The next way to create joy at home is to use patterns that spark joy for you. Life would not be very exciting if every wall were blank, every pillow solid color, and every surface without texture. Use joyful patterns in your wallpaper, textiles, and other accessories. Be sure to use patterns that make you excited to look around your home each day, and that you know would inspire joy in others as they visit your home.
Create Joy at Home Create Joy at Home

Happy Artwork

One of our favorite ways to create joy is through artwork. Artwork adds personality to any home, but what kind of personality is dependent upon the artwork you choose. Choose artwork that represents joy for you. Maybe that means it goes along with your joyful color palette, or maybe it literally depicts joy – like a painting of dancers or a photograph of a celebration. Still, maybe you choose artwork that reminds you of a joyful time – like a photograph of one of your favorite travel destinations or a piece of art that was a gift from someone who brings you joy. Whatever you choose, know that your home will be made more joyful with artwork in the mix!
Create Joy at Home with Artwork Create Joy at Home

Nature and Light Create Joy

Creating a home with a connection to nature is an extremely important part of creating joy in your home. It is in our nature as humans to desire a connection to nature, and while city life may not provide that as literally as we may wish it did sometimes, there are still such great ways to inspire joyful connection to nature in the home. One way is adding houseplants to your home décor. Houseplants not only bring the natural world to your living room they also inspire joy by being something that you can nurture and care for in your home. Pets also provide (and demand) a connection to nature in the home. A cat or dog’s wild nature will surely spark joy and bring a taste of the wild to your home, but your cat or dog may bring you closer to nature too!
If a pet is your way of adding a touch of nature to your home check out our post on Dog-Friendly Interiors.
Finally, adding beautiful, large windows to your space – especially if those windows look out onto a fantastic view – not only gives you natural lighting but also provides the ever-important connection to nature and sunlight that is so important for our health and happiness and can even boost your mood from vitamin d.

Accessories That Make you Smile

One final way to create joy with your place in this world is to add joyful accessories. Accessories can be such a versatile way for you to express your creativity and joyfulness in your home. Find accessories that make you smile when you look at them. This will create a vibe in your home that not only brings you joy personally but inspires others to create joy with you as you welcome friends and family back into your home after the pandemic.
Create Joy at Home Create Joy at Home

Bringing Intention Home

At LiLu Interiors, we love designing spaces that support our client’s lifestyles. It is our intention to find out your intentions. Would you like to create a home that is a reflection of your style, interest and values in life?  Surround yourself with color that speaks to your soul? Whatever your intention is, we want to know. We are in the business of designing interiors and creating spaces for you to live out your dreams. Whatever your dream is, we will creatively collaborate with you to design a home that uniquely expresses who you are and how you live. Give us a call, let’s bring your intentions home. 612-354-3271
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Comments on Create Joy at Home: According to LiLu
  1. Leslie Carothers says:

    What a wonderful post to start off the New Year, Lisa. I loved it and you know I agree with everything you’ve said here. Being intentional with how we create joy in our homes is what #DesignHappyLiving is all about!

  2. Judith Taylor says:

    Gosh, don’t we all need more joy at home right now. I love how you too are drawn to colourful spaces. I think colour is the way to create a joyful mood.

  3. Suzi Rugg says:

    Joyful colors and artwork, two of my favorit things! Thank you for the ideas!

  4. Amy Wax says:

    I love all of your colorful inspiration Lisa, this post is even a joy to read! I will definitely be adding some of your ideas to my own home this year!

  5. Tiffany says:

    So many joyful colors here, but the flamingo wall paper is my favorite for sure!

  6. Christie says:

    These are such beautiful examples- I especially love the framed children’s artwork!

  7. Janet Lorusso says:

    Such beautiful inspiration to inject joy into our homes! So many perfect suggestions here, but color is one of the most transformative, I think!

  8. Linda Holt says:

    Living with intention and joy is one of my main goals this year. Also, being a color lover like you, I am always thinking of ways to bring in joyful color without adding to my possessions Fresh flowers is where I have chosen to invest in and that daisy ball is just fabulous!

  9. mikzi beach says:

    Great post Lisa on creating joy in our homes. I love your point on how the use of color, natural light, artwork etc can help us all be happier and more content in our homes

  10. Sheri Bruneau says:

    Your images of your past projects always bring a smile to my face. They evoke a very happy emotion for me. Colour is amazing at how it has the power to do that!

  11. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    I LOVE everything about this post, starting with the focus particularly on live artfully, creating joy, eating well, living sustainably, and reinventing yourself. Using joyful colors and happy art gives me joy! Thank you~

  12. Carla Bast says:

    This is a JOYFUL and happy article! So many great ways to add joy to your home and ideas I plan to implement for 2021.

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