One of the most important things the designers at LiLu Interiors do for our clients is solve problems on their behalf.

Creating More Space from Thin Air

Ok, we can’t really make space appear from thin air, but if you want to create more function or storage in your home without expanding the footprint an interior designer will be your best friend. We will put on our creative problem solver hat and “expand” your space.

A recent example of this type of project we executed for a client who had down-sized into a city home built in the city. They wanted to live in a smaller home that offered the potential for one level living in a walkable neighborhood. Their intention is to live in the home for the rest of their lives. While they were down-sizing the overall size of their home, they most definitely didn’t want to down-size their everyday lifestyle or their entertaining style. Known as a good cook and top hostess, our client moved in and resigned herself to storing cook books, cookware and small appliances in linen closets and the basement. Once we remodeled her kitchen, she had all the storage she needed and a connection between the dining room and kitchen that allowed her casual entertaining style to thrive.  See the before and after below and the entire project for more small kitchen storage ideas.


Prevent Marital Strife

While we aren’t therapists ( and don’t want to be ) we do help couples come to compromises when it comes to designing their home. Navigating design decisions can be difficult for couples. One person’s idea of comfort (read recliner) can be another’s nightmare. The ideal color palette can be hard to agree on. As designers, we are able to listen to each person’s input and design a space that meets both their needs.

We had a couple who got along famously in every way but when she wanted to move into to his home office there was some compromising to do. He wanted to keep his Spartan Fatheads and she wanted a space that was a little more artful. We satisfied them both and now their home office is as harmonious as their marriage. Notice his Spartan S on his desk chair! See the photos below. Want to see their entire home? Click here.


Create Additional Rooms

A client recently bought a new (for them) home. After looking at many homes, she realized her dream of a first floor powder room couldn’t be realized in her must have location. LiLu was able to remodel her kitchen, adding storage and add a powder room near her back door without an addition. When she told a neighbor what she was up to…the neighbor said “That can’t be done!” But as interior designers, it’s our job to look at a project and see the possibilities where others only see limitations. Below is the before and after floor plan. If you want to learn more about this project we have posted more about the plan for this remodel. See the inspiration and elevations.


Deal with Mom’s Stuff

Our client was overwhelmed with beautiful memories from her own life and the inherited collections from her mother. Some items were tucked in corners all over her home with her husband and many were in boxes in a spare bedroom. Her intention was to honor her mother and have the things that reminded her of happy memories out where she could most enjoy them but getting from boxes to her goal had flummoxed her. We were able to talk through which items held the most memories from her life and her Mom’s, and curate them into careful collections.We designed built-ins and gallery walls throughout the home to display her precious memories.

The most meaningful items were displayed in prominent spots in public rooms like the dining room and more personal items were built-in to more private spaces like their home office and bedroom.  See the entire project here.


Elevate the Most Mundane Everyday Experiences

Much is being said today about investing in experiences over things. At LiLu Interiors, we focus on elevating your everyday experiences. You deserve to have each day feel more joyful and full of beautiful little moments. So when we are given a design project, we work to create an experience that is beyond what you might imagine.

An example is this Master Bath. The clients had a double vanity, shower, bath tub and all the typical amenities expected in a a suburban home. We designed a bathroom remodel that added beauty and function  to their day, every day. Now they feel like there’s a little vacation awaiting them just behind the door to their Master Bath. See the entire project.

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