Our Award Winning Work

luxe-loft-new-construction-Minneapolis-interior-designer-55436.jpg Luxury-green-modern-condominium-interior-designer-minneapolis.55414.jpg 2019 Midwest Home Life in Color Award luxe-loft-new-construction-Minneapolis-interior-designer-55436.jpg visionary-vintage-remodel-minneapolis-interior-designer.jpg 2017 ASID Life in Bold Color Award award winning interior design Minneapolis Color 2016 ASID Life in Bold Color Award luxe-loft-new-construction-Minneapolis-interior-designer-55436.jpg Exclusive-Luxury-Condominium-Living-Room-Edina-interior-designer.jpg 2015 ASID Award Winner luxe-loft-new-construction-Minneapolis-interior-designer-55436.jpg Linear-Fireplace-design-Minneapolis-interior-designer.jpg 2015 ASID Award Winner luxe-loft-new-construction-Minneapolis-interior-designer-55436.jpg Exclusive-Luxury-Condominium-Dining-Room-Minneapolis-interior-designer.jpg 2015 ASID Award Winner luxe-loft-new-construction-Minneapolis-interior-designer-55436.jpg Exclusive-Luxury-Condominium-Kitchen-Minneapolis-interior-designer.jpg 2015 ASID Award Winner luxe-loft-new-construction-Minneapolis-interior-designer-55436.jpg St.-Paul-toogood-to-be-true-Minneapolis-Interior-Designer.jpg 2012 NAIOP Renovation Award luxe-loft-new-construction-Minneapolis-interior-designer-55436.jpg contemporary-kitchen-stain-glass-tile-Minneapolis-interior-designer.jpg 2011 ASID Award Winner luxe-loft-new-construction-Minneapolis-interior-designer-55436.jpg Award-Winning-Condominium-Living-Room-Minneapolis-interior-designer.jpg 2011 ASID Award Winner 2011 ASID Award Exceptional-Condominium-Living-Room-Fireplace-Minneapolis-interior-designer.jpeg 2011 ASID Award Winner luxe-loft-new-construction-Minneapolis-interior-designer-55436.jpg Award-Winning-Condominium-Powder-Room-Minneapolis-interior-designer.jpeg 2011 ASID Award Winner luxe-loft-new-construction-Minneapolis-interior-designer-55436.jpg modern-freestanding-bathtub-Minneapolis-interior-designer-55405.jpg 2011 ASID Award Winner luxe-loft-new-construction-Minneapolis-interior-designer-55436.jpg Renovated-Church-Ceiling-Minneapolis-Interior-Designer.jpg 2010 ASID Contract-Health Care Award 2010 ROMA Award 2008 ASID Award Winner Boat-House-Interior-Living-Room-Minneapolis-interior-55391.jpeg 2008 ASID Award Winner

Best of houzz 2014 design Best of houzz 2014 service Best of houzz 2012 design

2019 – Mpls. St. Paul Magazine’s Women Who Move Minnesota – Lisa Peck, ASID

2019 – Midwest Home Sept/Oct page 35 “Life in Color 2019” Winner – Botanical Beauty

2017 – Midwest Home Sept/Oct page 58 “Life in Bold Color 2017” Winner – Pattern Play

2016 – ASID & Midwest Home Life in Color Competition Winner – Fresh Whimsy

2015 – Designer of Distinction, Lisa Peck, ASID

2015 – ASID Award Winner Multiple Rooms/Entire Residence between 2,501-4,500 sq. ft.

2013 – Mpls. St. Paul Business Journals “50 Women in Business”

2012 – Professional Recognition, Emerging Woman Business Owner of the Year

2012 – NAIOP Best Renovation of a Building 25,000 sq. ft. or Less

2011 – ASID Award Winner Contract-Health Care

2011 – ASID Award Winner Residential – Multiple Rooms/Entire Residence 1000-3499 sq. ft.

2011 – ASID Award Winner Residential – Multiple Rooms/Entire Residence under 1000 sq. ft

2011 – ASID Award Winner Residential – Bathroom under 100 sq. ft

2011 – ASID Award Winner Residential – Bathroom over 100 sq. ft.

2010 – ASID Award Winner Contract Health Care

2010 – Remodeler of Merit Awards (ROMA)

2008 – ASID Award Winner Individual Room

2007 – ASID Award Winner Residential Multiple Rooms

2007 – ASID Award Winner Residential Kitchen

2007 – ASID Award Winner Residential Bath

2006 – ASID Award Winner Design is in the Details

2004 – ASID Award Winner Residential Kitchen

2004 – ASID Award Winner New Construction, Addition or Remodeling

2001 – ASID Award Winner Residence Under 3000 sq. ft.

2000 – ASID Award Winner Residence Under 3000 sq. ft.

1999 – ASID Award Winner Showcase House/Model Home

1997 – ASID Award Winner Residence Under 3000 sq. ft.





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Lisa Peck
Principal Designer

2019 Women Who Move Minnesota, Mpls St. Paul Magazine
2015 Designer of Distinction, ASID Minnesota
2013 Top 50 Women in Business, Mpls St. Paul Business Journal
2012 Emerging Business Owner of the Year, NAWBO

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What Our Clients Say

“LiLu was brilliant at giving us amazing choices. They told us, ‘You should love everything.’ That was so liberating, and helped us realize and live in the home we’ve always dreamed of in the North Woods.”

Homeowner, Lutsen
“We’re not serious people and this was a very serious house. Pattern and color are really important to us. LiLu brought a light-hearted sense of fun into our new home, while respecting the historic architecture.”
Michael, Minneapolis

“LiLu was able to translate what I wanted for my home.”

Christy, Minneapolis

“LiLu gives me very personalized attention. They ask questions and listen to what I have to say. They know how to make a project successful.”

Joan, Lake Minnetonka
“LiLu adds experience which adds value. They helped us know where to splurge and where to hold back. We were impressed with everything and how much they did.”
Jane & Frank, Long Lake

“The LiLu Design Team brought an abundance of creativity and playfulness to the project and our relationship. They understood our taste but also helped to shape it.”

Stephanie, Edina

“My home never hugged me before and now it does.”

Lesley, Minneapolis

“LiLu protected me with value engineering – they helped me focus the “wow factor” where it mattered most.”

Maria, Edina

“LiLu worked with the space as it was. And yet they were able to define the space into public and private areas, creating a welcoming home where we can live and entertain.”

Karen, Downtown Minneapolis

“As a manufacturer, we have worked with LiLu on several custom projects for their clients. I’m always amazed with their attention to detail, style and professionalism.

But the best part for us is they are able to get out of their clients what it is they really want, and are able to translate to their clients what we do as a custom furniture company in an un-intimidating way.

That makes what can be a daunting process on the face of it (designing something that doesn’t exist) an easy and even enjoyable process. The end result is a piece of furniture (in our case) or a whole project that reflects the client’s personality. So when we get to be a part of that with them it’s a truly fun and innovative experience for us.”

Furniture Manufacturer

“We have had the great fortune of working with Lisa and Ally at LiLu on a few projects and I can’t say enough about their talent, partnership and innovative thinking.

What I appreciate most is that they listen really carefully, distill what’s important to us and what type of environment we’re hoping to create and then provide clear guidance and ideas on how to bring that to life. Their designs feel finished, thoughtful and personal to us.

I liked my home before. I now LOVE the spaces they’ve helped create.

We continue to work with them on additional projects at a pace that works for our family and they’ve been fantastic about that too. I can’t imagine designing my home without their partnership.”


“I am absolutely thrilled with my Great Room transformation from LiLu!

I have struggled with decorating for years. Lisa and Ally were able to work with me to create a room I love, that feels both warm and inviting – and is gorgeous at the same time.

They made me feel as if my opinions were valid and really created designs that fit my style, budget and family (working around 3 kids).

I have received so many compliments on the changes, especially the color scheme. My husband’s response: ‘Why didn’t we do this 5 years ago?!?!'”


“We had a great experience working with LiLu. They literally made the design experience fun – even my husband loved the process! Lisa and Christina were innovative in designing solutions for our lifestyle and helping us make trade-offs for different investment levels. At the end, we had a series of rooms we love & love showing off!”


“Lisa & Christina did phenomenal work for us. From their first assessment of our preferences, they took what was important to us and made it important to them.

In our second meeting LiLu gave us three starting points, each unique, but still based on what they learned about us in our first meeting. Once the main theme was chosen, it was truly a collaborative effort to design a home that is uniquely ours.

The amount of research they did for each of dozens of products for our Net Zero house was amazing, from the materials to the manufacturing, to the general environmental practices of the company, LiLu handled it all.

And when issue came up (because we all know how that always seems to happen) they helped get things back on track.

We would use LiLu again without hesitation!”


“This is my third try at working with a designer. This time I got not only what I wanted, but the extra things I didn’t even know that I wanted.

The space design is perfect, and they managed to blend our rather diverse and amorphous ideas of what we wanted into something that absolutely exceeded our expectations and works beautifully for all the separate parts of our lives.

Recommend them highly.”


“Lisa & her team at LiLu have been amazing!

They have been helping me for the past 7 years decorating & redecorating my home in Las Vegas and in Minneapolis.

They know my style and know what I want before I know what I want. They are professional & cover every detail.

I would highly recommend LiLu for any design needs!”


“LiLu Interiors turned an overwhelming basement renovation into a gorgeous, but practical multi-use space for our entire family.

We contacted LiLu in a bit of a panic after the construction had already begun on our major basement project. They graciously fit us in their schedule and immediately turned the project around for the better.

LiLu’s interview process is very comprehensive, but with that information they were able to take our vision and make it even more functional and beautiful. Lisa and Ally were professional, creative, organized, and courteous. They worked tirelessly to advocate for us and communicate with our general contractor and subs. LiLu Interiors turned overwhelming decisions into manageable chunks and made construction fun, even exciting.

We now have a beautiful finished basement space including a bar, family room with game area, bedroom/office, bathroom, and workout room. The basement fits seamlessly with the rest of our 9-year-old home and will be a space we enjoy for many years.

We will be contacting Lisa and her staff at LiLu Interiors to work on all of our future home remodeling.”


“The main floor of my house really needed help. It hadn’t been touch in 16 years, and the thought of picking furniture and fabrics was paralyzingly to me.

LiLu interviewed me and asked me about my interests, likes and dislikes. They helped me determine what MY style is.

My house reflects me not what the designers wanted. I love it. The project involved a complete makeover of my dining room, living room and sunroom. My house is beautiful but practical.”


“My relationship with LiLu Interiors began over 4 years ago, taking me from the planning phase prior to construction of my new house to adding the finishing touches of fabrics and furniture.

They simplified what was an overwhelming process by providing a range of recommendations and choices for colors, materials, and finishes that were both unique and consistent to the feel that I wanted for my home. I always felt I was part of collaborative process, but also felt I could trust their creativity and experience.

One thing that I especially appreciate about LiLu Interiors is their professionalism. They worked great with the construction team and have been tireless advocates for me for high standards of quality.

As we finish rooms, it has been an absolute delight to see how the spaces are transformed to reflect the personality and needs of my family. I highly recommend LiLu Interiors.”


In-depth Interviews with LiLu Clients

Reviews from Clients, Builders and Architects