14 April, 2021

Designing Travel Experiences Into Your Home: Sneak Peek at the Finishing Touches


Designing Travel and Vacation Experiences Into Your Interior

We have such unique experiences when we vacation and travel, why not incorporate some of those experiences into our daily life at home? One of the last things to be installed are the finishing touches, although as interior designers we have been thinking about the details from the very start of the project. There are many ways to design travel and vacation experiences into your interior. Fabrics, ceramics, and artwork are just a few. Take a peek at how we brought a little bit of a tropical vacation experience into our clients St. Paul home.

Living Room

This colorful pattern is a great way to add a touch of tropical inspiration to the living room. Perfect for pillows! The variety of plants and bird feathers make up a really cool pattern. We love the bright color palette and embroidery.


The right pillow fabric adds just a touch of tropical inspiration to our overall classic mix of materials


The repeating pattern of this fabric is reminiscent of a tropical motif. The monochromatic neutral color is a quieter, subtler backdrop and makes a great window treatment for the office.

Window Treatments

The scale of our neutral motif fabric blends in with our calmer material palette in the office. Mixing in just a touch of this pattern adds a tropical feel in a subtle way

Dining Room

The organic shapes of these locally made ceramic sculptures are a fun way to add interest to the dining room


To add a touch of vacation experience in the bedroom we started with a calming blue color palette, and then imagined an ocean waves concept a bit more literal. We commissioned a local artist Jen Possis to create a painting of the ocean. We also found a piece from another local artist Cameron Zebrun that is reminiscent of ocean waves painted on wood that is shaped like a surf board...
Slide8 CAMERON pin-this-1 TRAVEL CANVA

Comments on Designing Travel Experiences Into Your Home: Sneak Peek at the Finishing Touches
  1. Jeri says:

    The pillows in that tropical bedroom feel like vacation!

  2. Janet R Lorusso says:

    I love the idea of bringing the vacation vibe into your home – and these are such great examples of ways to make that a reality!

  3. Anne DeCocco says:

    I love seeing travel reminders around the house! This post gives me inspiration to have more. Thanks!

  4. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    Love the ceramic pieces and beautiful artwork of the local artists. I really connect with the idea of incorporating travel experiences into your decor. That is very much a part of global style design, which is my favorite.

  5. Leslie Carothers says:

    I love the idea of designing a vacation theme into your interiors. What a fortunate client to have you doing this for the so skillfully, Lisa. And I love that you always try to source local art for your interiors. I can only imagine how much the art community there appreciates that.

  6. Sheri Bruneau says:

    Bringing the vacation in our homes….brilliant! The art above the bed would certainly have me falling asleep thinking of the ocean. Beautiful space and I’m sure your clients are just thrilled!

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