18 August, 2015

Your Home Should Lift You

by Lisa Peck, ASID
As you think about how to design your home, the best question to ask yourself is what lifts you. What color makes your heart sing? What view raises your spirits? What things do you want to do at home that allow you to relax, rejuvenate and feel refreshed when you join the outside world once again?
Yellow cheers my soul so there is a little yellow in every room in my home. Music raises my spirits so there are instruments, a sound system and a grand piano in my home. To feel refreshed and rejuvenated I need to rest well so my bedroom is a restful color palette where the light and tempature are just right for sleeping. As a family we love to read and create so our home is designed to support crafts, cooking and reading.
Consider creating a different kind of mood board. Every decision about design in your home should support your aspirations for your life. My fourteen-year-old recently had friends over who had never been to our home before and several of them said our home was "goals". They mean it as a compliment and I am taking it that way. What they don't know is the house is literally goals, each decision in how it is designed supports who we are and want to be as a family. At LiLu we focus every project on being mindful of how you want your life to be at home.