15 March, 2017

What’s Luck Got To Do With It?

By Lisa Peck, ASID
This Friday we celebrate St. Patrick's day and embrace our Irish side, sport green and hope to grab a little luck of the Irish.
three four leaf clovers
Being intentional will get you far in life. I was recently at Design Bloggers Conference where I heard many of the extremely successful designers and bloggers say, “And of course I had some good luck.” But I wondered "What's Luck got to do with it ?" I suspect these ambitious professionals have much in common with many of the clients they work with and the clients we work with at LiLu Interiors.
Their story may be more like this:
When you were young you dreamt of the life you would lead when you were grown up. If your life is close to the vision you had, you haven't relied on luck. Luck isn't what got you this far. Maybe a little luck and a lot of hustle. You've worked hard, made goals, set deadlines and focused on what you wanted your life to feel, smell and look like.
You've lived an intentional life.
Merriam-Webster defines intention as " the thing that you do or achieve: an aim or purpose"
Sometimes people will say "The stars aligned and I..." but often it's because of intention.
When you set an intention, you put into motion the actions needed to achieve any goal you have for your life.
Because you have been intentional, you've made great friends. Traveled to the places you wanted to go. Worked in a field that interests you. Had fun doing the things that are meaningful to you. Learned and continued to build a life that is uniquely you. Often you've engaged other people in your vision. Shared it and allowed them to come along for the ride. Helping you along the way. Celebrating beside you as you achieved each new goal.
At LiLu Interiors, we design homes that align with your intentions for your life. Not just the life you're living today but the life you intend to life in the future. You know that old question used at job interviews or reviews, "Where do you see yourself in 5 years, in 10?" Take that question and apply it not just to your career, but to your entire life. You can start to see how your life may change and grow for the better.
In five years, maybe you will have a spouse, a family, an older family or be an empty nester. In ten, maybe you will be acting on your desire to buy a vineyard and restore the buildings, skydive or pursue your interest in photography. Whatever you imagine, you need a home base to operate from. One that makes it possible for you to go out into the world every day and be effective, strong, and aligned with your purpose and intentions. If you want to build a home or design a room filled with intention call LiLu Interiors.
Let's all embrace luck, live in faith and set intentions to continue to improve our worlds.