18 September, 2017

Timeless Treasure Monday’s Peek at a Project

“I have confidence that everything will be done beyond my expectations.”
This confidence is one of the many benefits LiLu has enjoyed from long-lasting relationships with clients like Joan. “Lisa knows what my taste is and I have full confidence in her ability to work with me.”
After 20 years of living in the same home, Joan decided it was time to complete a quick succession of phased projects that would update significant spaces to support her and her husband’s new season of life as empty-nesters and grandparents.
The main goal of the project was to freshen the spaces and give them a more adult feel, while adding details that reflect the original concept of the entire project. From the beginning, LiLu has been carefully curating a traditional, welcoming, and soothing retreat where Joan and her husband can live and entertain in a sophisticated, yet casual style.
And yet beyond the projects themselves, nurturing a lasting relationship of trust with Joan was our priority.
“LiLu gives me very personalized attention. They ask questions and listen to what I have to say. They give a lot of good input to make the project successful.”
By incorporating custom design and unique materials, the couple were able to update three separate rooms in the house by making them light, bright, and inviting. You can read more of the story this week in the LiLu Blog.