22 January, 2016

The World of Mosaics

By Christina Rymer, Allied Member ASID
Today is Friday's Look of the Day and I thought what better look than Sicis tile.  This past month or so we have had a great opportunity to work on a bathroom where we are exploring the ideas of mosaic tile to add to a vanity wall for a client.  The idea started because the bathroom is oh hum but she is not ready to change the entire thing.  So we asked ourselves, "How can we make an impact for her without adding a lot of cost to the overall project?"  There were a few other drivers that led us to tile on the vanity wall but we can't wait to see the finished product.  Sicis tile is made in Italy and when I say the possibilities are endless...I mean ENDLESS.  Take a look below, soak it in, dream a little and then let us know how we can make your kitchen, bathroom, living room, your whole house a better reflection of you and help to live out how you intend to live your life!  All images can be found on the Sicis Website at www.sicis.com
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