14 December, 2016

Supporting Furniture Companies

By Christina Rymer, Allied Member ASID
On the Dynamic Dining Blog I shared some images of furniture we have selected for one of our clients that will have a weekend getaway here in Minneapolis.  Here at LiLu, we take the seletion process very seriously as in not only do we select items that are right for the space in terms of scale, size, finish, material and function but we also select from companies that we have grown to know and love and trust that their products are the best for our clients.  Just like our intentions here at LiLu, we try to align our values with companies that feel the same.  Here are a couple that we love to support:
Dellarobbia, which is found here at Fuse Showroom at International Market Square, is a small, family owned company in California.  The company has been around for 32 years and brings European craftsmanship here to the United States.  They wanted to bring the best products to the United States and have them made here.  One of the best things is that their lead time is two to four weeks which is great for fast moving projects.  Their frames are built to withstand time, the tailoring is beautiful and they use the best filling in their cushions and frames.  It is hand crafted quality that will stand the test of time.
Here are a few of their frames.  avery_ac-2160_l_01 berlin_ac-2164_l_01 trent_as39_l_01 vigano_dd268ub_l_01-della
Another company that we love that is based here in Minneapolis is Rypen.  Rypen's mantra is simple....to bring designers and makers together and make their products more accessible to us.  Rypen gathers smaller furniture companies from all over and brings them together on their website and in their showroom.  They tell their story, help market their products and even have items on their floor ready to test out.  It helps small companies have a big impact and we love working with them.  My favorite part is that each product has story and it is right their for us to read.  They carry everything from large sectionals, to floor lamps to table trays.  The pieces are endless.
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