17 August, 2016

Ohm Sweet Ohm-Monday’s Peek at a Project

Part of the work as an interior designers is visiting job sites, working with the craftsmen who are building and installing the designs we envisioned months ago and seeing our carefully drawn designs become built environments.
Here is a peek at the couples bath in Ohm Sweet Ohm. You can see the entire home on this years AIA Homes by Architects tour. September 17th and 18th.
modern tile composition in black, white and taupe
This tile installation, uses reasonably priced, standard porcelain tile to create a dynamic focal point wall in a couples bath. Our clients intention was to have a green, healthful environment. We selected tile made in the US , with recycled content, in a green manufacturing process to support that goal. The tile has no volatile organic compounds and the floors slip resistance makes it the best choice for health now and aging in place.