08 November, 2017

Obsessed with Reading at Home-According to LiLu Interiors

by Lisa Peck, ASID
Reading has been a lifelong obsession of mine. Reading can do so many things for us. We can learn a new skill, gain insight into other people, travel, have adventures, develop empathy and simply take a break from everyday life when we need it. I was one of those kids whose parents would say, “Get your nose out of that book and go outside to play.” When I became a parent it was only natural that I would want my kids to share my love of books. As a designer, I love working with clients who have an intention to create a perfect place to read at home.
When I was a kid, at night, when I just couldn’t put my book down, I would take a flashlight and hide under the covers to read. As an adult, that would be a neck wrenching experience. Whether you envision a full library to a cozy nook to a little corner to cuddle up and read there are some common things you need to include for a truly comfortable reading spot.


A full library is the stuff of dreams for any true bibliophile. In any style, a true library will have at least one wall that is completely filled with shelving and books; a textural tribute to your passion for reading. In a library you can include a library table, a place to spread out books, work on journaling and really enjoy your hobby. These special rooms offer quiet solitude to spend time with your reading that is truly unparalleled.
Obsessed with Reading at Home-Libraries

A Reading Corner

Whether it’s in your living room, your bedroom, den or away room you must design into these spaces some essential elements. The most comfortable chair you’ve ever sat upon is a must. This chair has to be scaled to you. If you have more than one reader in your home, each person should have a perfect chair. An ottoman or footstool to put your feet up on. You also need a place to store your books. From shelving to stacking, different people like to display their books in different ways. Some keep books forever, for some they read them and then set them free to inform other readers.
You must also have perfectly balanced lighting. Great, strong task lighting that falls directly on the page. The room must also have good level of general light so you can read as long as possible without straining your eyes.
Obsessed with Reading at Home-Reading corners

A nook or window seat

I have a romance with window seats and nooks for reading. A comfortable cushion, piles of pillows you can arrange perfectly for you and the cozy feeling you have when you are tucked away from others is a perfect match for going on a vicarious adventure. Take a look at our Monday blog post for inspiration on creating a reading nook.
Now I’m off to Barnes and Noble to buy a pile of books to see me through the winter.