16 January, 2017

Monday’s Peek at a Project–Visionary Vintage

For nearly a decade, the owner of a traditional home in Northeast Minneapolis has added unique and rare finds to her one-of-a-kind collection.
“There’s a very specific look I collect,” she explains. “Vintage glamour, with a little sparkle.”
It’s her passion. And Her collection began with a rhinestone bracelet purchased at a garage sale. It has grown to encompass quirky mannequin heads and a dress form, rolls of fantastical wallpaper, antique French doors, a medical cabinet her mother gave her, and lots of jewelry—including enamel brooches bursting with color and texture.
One day, she’d had enough of her outdated master bedroom upstairs. She called LiLu Interiors, who were immediately intrigued.
“We quickly realized she has a real sensibility about having her surroundings be visually intriguing,” Lisa says.  “Our job was to figure out a space plan that would allow her to use and display the things she had collected, and to design a backdrop that would support and show off her wonderful, funky things.”

How did LiLu transform this homeowner’s master bedroom into an inspired respite that strikes a visionary balance between modern and vintage? Join us here on the LiLu Blog for more of the story this Wednesday and Friday.