16 August, 2017

Why You Should Organize Your Kids’ Rooms for Fall

Kids Room Organization for fall
Kids Room Organization for Fall! Back to School season has a way of motivating us to get organized before a fresh new school year starts. Something about buying all those school supplies and crossing them off the list makes us want to cross even more off of our ever growing to do list. Do you have the intention of organizing your kids' bedrooms for fall, but aren't sure where to start? We've got some ideas on how you can support this intention.
Kids have a lot of stuff. (Understatement?) Point-of-use storage is one of the best ways to create an ideal situation (in other words, it creates the best chance of things actually ending up where they should.) For example, I personally had a problem with dirty clothes making it into the hamper (Yes, I'm a grown adult). For some reason, they just always ended up on the floor. A small change made all the difference- I simply moved my hamper right next to my dresser, which is on the side of the room where I change my clothes. Now, like magic, the clothes end up in the hamper because I am no longer required to walk all the way over to the closet! It sounds silly, but it's true. The easier you make it, the more likely your child is to success in keeping things organized and clean. Consider proximity and ease of use given the age of your child.
Does your kid collect things? You might need dedicated storage for their beloved collections to encourage them to put it away. By creating a storage solution dedicated to these "special" items, you encourage your child to use that storage. A collection of cars, dolls or pet rocks needs to be honored with a special place in their room- whether it be displayed on a shelf, or stored in a special case. Similarly, if your child has a special hobby that you would like them to be able to do in their rooms, you will want to make sure they've got the tools and space to support it and keep it organized. If they love to draw or create art, maybe a drafting table with places to store all the supplies. Display methods like inexpensive frames or a wire with clips for their art encourage them to keep creating.
Stay tuned for Friday's blog where we'll show you our favorite tips and tricks FUN kid's storage. So fun.... they'll actually want to use it!
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