08 September, 2017

Healthy Lunches on the Go

Now that kids are back in school and the temperature in the air is a little cooler I feel that routine begins to take shape. Healthy Lunches on the Go are much easier with the help of Bento Boxes and a well designed kitchen.  If you haven't heard of Bento Boxes then you are missing out on a magic item for lunches!  These smart lunch boxes keep compartments for different types of food and can help make smart decisions for your lunch and your kids.  At LiLu, we are all about how to make life easier and more efficient.  Bento Boxes have been a lifesaver for many of us with busy families on the go.  It is great to pack your kids lunches, snacks for after school activities, and meals for on the go over the weekends.

Healthy Lunches on the Go - Fridays Look of the Day