28 November, 2016

A Happy Room of One’s Own-Monday’s Peek at a Project

By Lisa Peck, ASID
Just a glimpse of this room we recently designed for a young lady in Minneapolis gives a happy impression. Colorful, bursting with enthusiasm. Having a happy haven at home is important for children. Many of our clients share the intention of raising bright, curious, independent kids. We help out with creating environments that encourage whatever you kid is into. If your child loves art, collecting, scientific inquiry, theater, whatever it is having the space to explore means they will do just that. Inside your home that can be done in both permanent and temporary ways. Part of our job as interior designers is to set up a room that will reflect who your child is now and be flexible enough to support who they become. The girl who lives in this room is bright, loves nature, is creative and loves collecting. Space to store collections, places to display creations are all included in the complete design. When you are designing your home remember that all the rooms matter. Especially those that support quiet time exploring our passions and creativity.
DucDuc armoire
Love this armoire from DucDuc NY.