03 March, 2023

Happy Color Happier Life

I believe in color's ability to lift our mood and create an interior that is joyful. Our portfolio has an entire section called Create Joy because that is the “why” behind many of the projects our clients bring to us. Often, they are entering a new phase of life and want a joyful home as part of living life differently. This project came to us specifically because our client saw our create joy section and thought “That’s for me!” We used happy color, happier life as the mission statement behind this project.

Our client was living in a condominium in Minneapolis and loved many things about her home and lifestyle but after her husband passed away, she needed a boost and wanted to create a new vibe in her home that would be more aligned with the artwork she had collected over the years and be a style that reflected her

Happy Color Happier Life-Living Room

We developed a color scheme and used happy pattern and new furniture arrangements to help her create a joyful interior where she could entertain and just feel the happy hanging out by herself or when her adult daughter came by.

Her living room before was functional but the neutral colors and dull patterns just weren’t bringing the joy! Her bedroom had a colorful duvet, and she had a rug in her dining room that she loved. We based our color scheme on these existing elements that she loved.

The rug in the living room has a color palette that relates to the dining room rug and the pretty colors from the bedroom., The rug has brighter pinks and turquoise colors that became the color palette inspiration for the room.  This rug followed our happy color, happier life concept perfectly.

In the living room, we added seating and included a couple of small ottomans for additional seating so if the book club is meeting there is plenty of seating.

Happy Color Happier Life Living Room


Happy Color Happier Life

Happy Color Happier Life

Upleveled Look in the Dining Room

The dining room had the colorful rug and fabulous wallpaper. We simply added host and hostess chairs and window treatments to create a more sophisticated look that played up the colorful rug that was a favorite. We worked with her existing dining table, blue velvet chairs and fabulous artwork because building on what’s good is a great strategy to make a space more intriguing and a reflection of a rich and varied life.


Happy Color Happier Life

Den Redo

The den, which was primarily used as a television room had been created out of a mismatched grouping of furniture from her previous home. We used a modern Italian modular wall hung media cabinet to bring a modern style to the television wall. We choose the wall hung units because the room is quite small and has multiple traffic paths through it. The wall hung units created a more spacious feel and still provided a few spots to display family photos and treasured objects.

We also simplified the color palette in this smaller space focusing on a largely monochromatic blue scheme with a bit of lighter pink that you see in the living room.

Want to know more about how to use the happy color, happier life philosophy? Read our blog on  The Five Happiest Interior Colors.

Happy Color Happier Life-Den

Happy Color Happier Life


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Happy Color Happier Life


Comments on Happy Color Happier Life
  1. Linda Merrill says:

    You have such a great way with color and unique color combinations Lisa.

  2. Janet says:

    What a stunning transformation, Lisa! I love the vibrance and personality the warmth and color injects into this space – you created joy, indeed!

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