29 June, 2017

Five Design Tips for the Perfect Craft Room-According to LiLu

It’s summer and we all want the kids to be outside all the time. I know I want to be outside on every nice day we have but the weather this past weekend was a reminder that I need to have a plan in place for inside days! So today, I am going to share five design tips for the perfect craft room.

Plenty of Organized Storage

By creating abundant storage, you can organize supplies and have them readily accessible when you are ready to use them. When we design a space, we think about every item you need at hand and design storage for them that is easily accessible. It can be built-in or off the shelf but having a place for every tool and an organized way to store them makes crafting a breeze!


Easy to Maintain Surfaces

A key criteria we use when designing crafting spaces is how easy is it to maintain! If you can’t easily clean up you might be less likely to create! Let’s face it. Creativity can be messy so we suggest using countertops and work surfaces that are durable and can be cleaned easily.
Cambria, stainless steel and Corian come to mind. Flooring should be able to be hosed down (well maybe not literally)! VCT, woven vinyl, cork and linoleum are all good flooring choices that are easy to maintain and easy to stand on while crafting.
Crypton and indoor/outdoor fabrics make excellent choices for covering desk chairs and stools since many can be washed or even cleaned with a water-downed bleach solution. If you have little ones who might accidently write on a chair consider silicon fabric.

Create Shared Work Areas

Crafting can be more fun when you do it together so consider creating islands or tables with in your space that two people can share. This kind of space can also allow you to spread out if you are working on a large or complicated project, like sorting through 12 years of pictures in preparation for a graduation party.

Create Task Stations

If you work on more than one type of craft or have a partner in craft who works on a diiferent craft than you it can be helpful to have separate task stations. Maybe you do some handcrafting, some machine sewing and occasionally use your computer. It’s ideal to have each task or piece of equipment set up in its own spot so you can use it at will and not have set up and take down time slow you down or worse yet discourage you from starting.

Task Lighting

Task lighting so you can see what you are doing is critical. Have good general lighting in the room but then have bright clear lamp light on the task at hand!

Great Sound System

Maybe it’s just me but when I am creating music is a must! Having an easy to use sound system is great. We recently put a Sonos system in the studio so anyone can play their own creativity jams as needed!
Whether you have a fully finished room for a craft area or a semi-finished basement having a space dedicated to artistic endeavors means you have a great go to space on a rainy day! If you want to fit more creativity into your life but don’t know where to start with creating the space to do so call LiLu!