19 July, 2017

Designing Staycation Experiences Into Your Daily Life

Designing staycation experiences. When returning from vacation we reflect on the wonderful experiences and relive our vacation in our minds. There are many things about vacation we would love to duplicate at home, often starting with the weather! But what about the rest? The conveniences built into our hotel rooms, the dining atmosphere that makes us linger, the vistas that invite exploration or relaxation. What if we thought of our daily routine differently? What if we could experience some of the ease of vacation every day by applying the same principles of hospitality design which shaped our vacation experience? What if we could bring touches of this into our homes?
Think of it as designing a staycation experience into our daily lives. You would have to start with your own memories and experiences. Or your desired experiences. Maybe the most important thing to you is the connection of your interior with your outdoor environment; to have a place to lounge outside, or entertain? To dine outdoors bug free, or take a nap under the sky? Maybe the most important thing to you is being surrounded by lovely inspiring pieces of artwork reminiscent of a particular cultural experience. Maybe the most important thing to you is creating a peaceful bedroom that is dark and quiet, or full of morning light and open and breezy. Or maybe it is a peaceful soft bed to sink into with piles of soft pillows.
Take some time to think about what it was about your best vacation experience that made it so great. Then, bring it home. It can be so easy to replicate the small pleasures of vacation with a little thought and intentionality. If you're not sure how to create a staycation experience in your home, LiLu can help. We are experts in hearing your goals and intentions and translating them into everyday experience.

Artwork by Heidi Libera and Kelly Jean Ohl