29 November, 2017

Designing a Nursery that Ages Well- According to LiLu

Designing a Nursery that Ages Well
Think Style not Theme
When first thinking about your nursery, consider starting with a design concept or style instead of a theme. Don’t know the difference? Here’s a quick list to illustrate the point:
Theme:                                                                            Design Concept/Style:
-Winnie the Poo                                                               -Serene and Sophisticated
-Jungle                                                                             -Classic Preppy
-The Cow Jumped Over the Moon                                      -Uplifting and Modern
By starting with a style you are automatically eliminating design choices that will not last beyond your baby’s toddler years. We aren’t saying don’t have anything in your space that is theme oriented, but limit these to stuffed animals, small pieces of art and inexpensive items that can be easily replaced.
For the larger design decisions, stick with choices that support your overall style choice and you will find that the major pieces of your nursery, from the window treatments and rug to the furniture, will last for years, maybe even into the teen years.
Designing a Nursery that Ages Well
For Big Items, Visualize A Teen Room
When you are selecting major pieces of furniture for your nursery, don’t visualize a nursery, visualize a teen’s room. It might seem silly to visual a child you haven’t met yet as a teen but thinking this way will help you select furniture that will potentially last the entire time your child is in your home. I also recommend thinking about if you would like the dresser, chair or rug in your guest room. We all know your pre-teen or teen will likely want to use their room to express who they are. So having a back up plan for furnishings means your investment now will be a long term one.
Think About Flexibility
Make choices on furnishings that can easily be re-purposed or are currently multi-purpose. A low-boy dresser can be used as a changing table now with a changing pad anchored to the back and later be used simply as a dresser. A rocker glider can be a perfect reading chair for a first grader but a platform rocker may only be used in a nursery for a couple years and then be replaced. A bookshelf today can store small books, along with diapers, cotton balls and lotions and in elementary school it can be packed with books and games.