14 June, 2017

Tips for Designing a Beautiful Functional Laundry Room

Tips for Designing a Beautiful Functional Laundry RoomOur tips for designing a beautiful and functional laundry room start with finding out all about you. For our client with a busy family it all started with location. We thoughtfully converted a former home office space located on the second floor into this multi-purpose laundry room adjacent to the bedrooms. Having a laundry room on the second floor invites ease into daily life. To preserve some home office space, a built-in desk and file storage is tucked into the corner out of the way of traffic flow. To make it truly efficient for the whole family, the large folding counter doubles as an arts and crafts table or a space for the kids to do their homework. Storage is cleverly designed into the space under the island. LiLu Interiors designed features into the space to make it a highly efficient laundry room like a hanging rod for clothes to drip dry over the sink, a folding iron board that is easily accessible and easily stored and a place for every member of the family to have their own laundry basket. LiLu Interiors designed custom cabinetry to fit the space and provide storage for items like extra bedding. The bright bold colors and patterns are fresh and fun and make this multi-functional room a beautiful space to be in for the whole family.

Space Planning Your Laundry Room

When creating a space plan for your laundry room the best thing you can do is be honest with yourself about how you do laundry. Are you a do a load every day person or a let it build up all week and then go for it on Saturday person. Make sure you include space to store laundry and sort based on your personal laundry style.
In today's world, you may find you are doing laundry while needing to keep your kids busy or maybe your trying to fit a little bill paying in between loads. Our experience is that much like kitchens, laundry rooms have become a bit of a hub for either crafting, homework or extra pantry storage. Think about the different functions you really need in a laundry room besides laundry and make sur to put them on your must have list.
Design Tips Laundry Rooms Space Plan

Enjoying Your Laundry Room

I have a few friends who claim to love doing laundry and include it as "me time". Don't tell them but I don't enjoy laundry so I need beauty and happy colors to entice me to stay in a room I want to escape! My favorite color or pattern won't be yours but be sure to include a color, wallcovering or piece of art that makes you happy in your laundry room. My list of must haves would also include a great sound system for music and maybe a television to keep myself entertained. I just not zen about folding laundry.
While you are at it, think about how to involve others in doing the laundry. They say many hands make light work. If you have appropriate storage and work areas, kids and spouses can help fold, sort and iron! Then you can delude yourself into thinking it's family bonding time.
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Invite Ease Into Your Laundry Room

Set yourself up for success by planning ahead. If you do a lot of hand laundry consider where you will hang or place it to dry. You don't want to find you've designed a laundry room that forces you to set up a clothes horse in the hall.
Consider your maintenance style. Select materials accordingly. Most people don't want to have to polish and shine surfaces in their laundry rooms. Make sure you have easy to clean, easy to use space that will make doing laundry a breeze. Not sure how to do that? Call LiLu Interiors for help!
Laundry Room Design Tips Details