24 October, 2011

Custom Cabinet

By LuAnne Silvia, ASID
The designers at LiLu enjoy and are skilled at designing custom pieces for our clients. There are endless resources who manufacturer beautiful things but sometimes a project calls for something that is an exact proportion, finish, function, or style. We love to design just the perfect thing when it makes sense. Cabinetry, molding, railing, mantles, dining tables, etageres, ottomans, pillows, bedding, headboards are just a few of the things we have custom designed. Clients hear custom and often think this translates into expensive.  Custom really just means you have the opportunity to design something that functions perfectly in your space and is unique to you. Our working knowledge of construction and fabrication details and our relationships with skilled craftsman who turn our drawings into reality translates into a good value.
This week watch as the process unfolds and see how our clients desire for a beautiful functional storage cabinet turns from a sketch into reality.