11 May, 2016

Cabinetry Details

By Christina Rymer, Allied Member ASID
On Monday, I talked about some fun projects we have done with custom pieces of cabinetry or built ins where we add an extra detail on the front such as wallcovering or painted finishes.  Here at LiLu, we love details.  I think we have said that a time or two but it's true.  Details make projects.  Have you ever wondered how you get from the initial concept to the final install?  What goes in to the design, the thought process, the construction process?  How are the details communicated?  They could be many ways this is done but at LiLu we most likely do things a little differently...we are Different by Design.
Things begin with the first meeting where perhaps we show concept materials such as a wood tone, wallcovering, paint color, metal insert and even a sketch.  

PowerPoint Presentation
By the second meeting and after we have heard your input and feedback we start to narrow in on the exact finish, dimensions, functions of the over all piece.
By the third meeting, we have construction documents for review that we will then send off to the cabinet shop or the builder to estimate and begin making the piece.
The cabinet shop provides drawings of how they will build the piece and we review and redline.  Once this is all approved, a deposit is paid then materials are ordered and construction begins.
PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
Installation comes next and LiLu is there on delivery day to ensure all goes smoothly.
So as you can see, there are a lot of details and lots of touches that happen when it comes to designing something that is just for you.  But that is what makes it so special and unique.  The process is fun and it ensures you get exactly what you want.