24 September, 2008

AIA Tour

At LiLu Interiors we devote a portion of our staff meeting every week to discussing a source of design inspiration. This weeks hot topic was the AIA's Homes by Architects Tour. I toured four homes on Sunday and found myself very inspired by both the architecture and by the homeowners.
At each home the thought that had gone into framing views, creating spaces that worked well for the owners and supported their lifestyle was very evident. I think it is great that we live in a community where people are interested enough in the arts and in architecture that they hire these great designers to create one of a kind living spaces for them.
I toured Tim Alt's house out in Dellwood. A home by David Samela in Deephaven, a home by Charles Stinson in Greenwood and a home by James McNeal in Minnetonka. At each home, it seemed to me that the owners wishes seemed to be respected and that the aesthetic, siting and details in the house were extraordinary.
It inspired me to create interiors that dovetail with the architecture of a home, that support our clients passions and help them to expand their lives to be more because of the home they are living in. Homes can help people create space in their lives for the people, passions, and relationships they want to pursue when they are well designed.
I imagine that each homeowner of the houses I visited on this tour are delighted with the home and the architect they worked with. I encourage everyone who didn't get a chance to go on this tour to go next year and to AIA...Way to go...thanks for letting the public get a peek inside these homes and an opportunity to experience the difference an architect designed home has to offer.
whitebear_image_11 Whitebear Lake Home by Tim Alt, AIA  www.althusarch.com

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