13 December, 2020

Your Home Should Hug You -According to LiLu

Your Home Should Hug You

We, here at Lilu Interiors believe that your home should hug you. The best compliment I ever received from a client was that her home hugged her when we were done.
Having a home that hugs you means that when you walk into your home at the end of the day, it feels like the warm hug you’ve been craving all day. It means that sitting down on your sofa and looking around your living room gives you the same feeling that you get sitting around a bonfire with your best friends and lying down in bed at night feels like a familiar comfort you can’t live without. This week, we’re sharing three strategies to cultivate a home that hugs you, so we can all stock up on the cozy feelings we’ll need to get through the winter.

Can Color Create a Home that Gives you a Hug?

The first way to create a home that hugs you is to surround yourself with comforting colors. (Secret Garden). This project uses color to cultivate a comforting feeling…like a modern version of Monet’s Garden. This serene shade of green is neutral in the space. It calls to mind a peaceful, outdoor space. The other shade of greys and blues also contribute to the naturalistic, calm vibe of this space. The pops of brighter colors create the excitement of a hug, while not being overpowering. To create a similar feeling in your home, utilize naturally calming shades in your interior like soft greens, blues, greys, and earthy browns. These colors will help to guide you as you cultivate a home that hugs you.
If you want to learn more about colors that create a soothing "hug-like" environment Read our Soothing Color Palettes   We wrote this post becaus your home should hug you.
Your Home Should Feel like a Hug

Texture For Comfort and Tactile Warmth

Because your home should hug you we want you to think about texture to add warmth. Texture is another way to create a home that hugs you. This bedroom relies on soft textures -sheer drapes, a cozy throw, soft bedding, and glass accents – to create a comforting vibe. Experiment with textures in your home by adding knitted throws and bedding that is dynamic but still holds a feeling of familiarity. Carefully selecting a fabric for your drapes can also contribute to the feeling of a space where every detail counts. Choose fabrics that make you feel hugged.
Your Home Should Feel Like a Hug

Color and Texture for Warmth

This project has the warmth of a lodge and uses the texture of the stone and the richness of timber framing to create a home that is like a bear hug.

Personal Touches Create the feeling of a Hug

Since your home should hug you consider personal touches. An essential addition to cultivating a home that hugs you is personal touches, things that remind you of family, good memories, and times where you felt happy. (Maybe we could use the Deco Boutique Home lounge for this – as she used her Grandmother’s vanity and privacy screen?). Photos that are intentionally and creatively chosen and placed can easily create this feeling. If photos are too literal for you, add accessories that remind you of your children, grandchildren, parents, or anyone else that makes you feel hugged when you think of them. This could be a family heirloom, an object that represents them, or something that once belonged to them.
Your Home Should Hug You Your Home Should Hug You

Why Hugs are Important

Hopefully you now have an idea of how to create a home that hugs you, by adding serene colors, comforting textures, or meaningful accessories. Obviously, each of us has our own idea of what a home that hugs us feels like, looks like, and contains, and it’s up to you to cultivate the perfect, cozy safe haven that is best suited to you. According to psychologist Virginia Satir, “we need 4 hugs a day to survive, 8 hugs to maintain ourselves, and 12 hugs to grow”. In a time where many of us are missing some of our daily hugs, it is more important than ever to create a home that hugs you.
Your Home Should Hug You

Bringing Intention Home

For more than a decade, LiLu Interiors has been designing intentional living environments that reflect the singular values and needs, lifestyle, and aesthetics of each individual client. With care, joy, and trust, we’ll creatively collaborate with you to design a home that uniquely expresses who you are and how you live. Intentional design, no matter the style, requires thoughtful attention to detail and deliberate choices.
Let’s make life better. Let’s bring your intentions home.

Comments on Your Home Should Hug You -According to LiLu
  1. Leslie Carothers says:

    Oh I just LOVE this post, Lisa. What a wonderful idea and concept. I’d love to see this turned into a book. I think it would be a total bestseller.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Nothing but a huggable home for me!!! I crave personality and warmth in every space.

  3. Ashley Berdan says:

    I agree, personal touches are so important. You don’t want your home to feel like you went to a big box store and just purchased a display!

  4. Janet Lorusso says:

    A home that hugs you is a perfect description for what intentional design accomplishes! I love all these examples you have shared – hugs are very personal and so is great design!

  5. Linda Merrill says:

    Hi Lisa – I love that concept – that a home should hug you! Makes so much sense!! Happy Holidays and hugs to you!!

  6. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    What a great article! Love this idea. I think Virginia would say I am way behind in the hug department. I will have to work on that when it’s safe to do it again!

  7. Sheri Bruneau says:

    Such a great way to think about design and your home. I really love the concept of a home hugging you.
    Happy holidays to you and your family!

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