03 June, 2013

Yotel in New York

By Christina Winter, Allied Member ASID
When LuAnne and I attended Blogfest 2013 in New York City we had the pleasure of staying at the Yotel Hotel.  The story and concept behind Yotel is unique, original and FUN!
The story as found on their website:
"YOTEL was created by YO! Founder Simon Woodroffe OBE and YOTEL CEO Gerard Greene. The idea was conceived by Simon after he was upgraded into first class on a British Airways flight. He decided to translate the language and the luxury of airline travel and a touch of Japanese influence into a small but luxurious cabin."
In June 2011, YOTEL opened our flagship city center hotel just two blocks west of Times Square in New York City. Cabins are 30% bigger than our airport product and come with floor to ceiling windows. There are four main cabin types: ‘Premium’ cabins with Queen size double beds, Corner cabins with dual aspect windows, First cabins with King beds, some that come with private terraces and outdoor tubs, and VIP two-cabin suites, the ultimate luxury!
YOTEL, which stands alone among the most modern New York City hotels, was designed by Rockwell Group of New York in collaboration with Softroom of London and features 20,000 square feet of flexible and dynamic entertainment space, including the largest hotel terrace in the city.

As we entered the ultra modern hotel we were greeted with large computer screens, a sleek interior and great customer service.  It was completely self service and efficient.

As we entered our "cabin" we were a little surprised at the size of our rooms as they were smaller than any other hotel we have been in.  But to our surprise it was the best space planned hotel room I have ever used.  I was so intrigued by all the little compartments that I unpacked my suitcase which is something I never do.  There was a specific place for everything from my shoes, dresses, computer, extra purses, shampoo bottles, makeup, and jewelry.  Even though the room did not have the square footage we are used to; it used every square and cubic foot so well that you were left feeling clutter free and organized.

"YOTEL cabins may be smaller than traditional hotel rooms, but through great design we offer a beautifully designed, flexible smart space to suit individual needs in which to relax, refresh, connect and sleep. We know the things that usually irritate you about hotel rooms and we’ve tried to take them all away!"

This is the dresser and closet.  The drawers were long and deep which fit all my clothes for three  nights and two days and the "closet" was perfect for all of my hanging needs.  On the top shelf my suit case set perfectly.

The bathroom was so well designed that I was just giddy!  All of my lotions, facewash, makeup was able to be tucked away in the adjacent recesses and not clutter up the counter.

Our favorite part had to be the motorized bed.  It had double duty as it acted like a sofa and then with the push of a button folded down into a bed.  This allowed for less square footage overall in the room and only one furniture piece was needed.  Overall we had such a great experience.  We highly recommend staying at the Yotel.

Check back on Wednesday to learn more about the other accommodations of the Yotel in New York City!