31 October, 2011

Yarn Shop Aesthetic

By Lisa Peck, ASID
A little over a year ago I took up knitting. I was spending vast amounts of time sitting in bleachers at swimming for my daughter and wanted to do something to fill the time. I quickly became addicted. The yarns, the texture, the creativity are all things I love and feeds into my passion for textiles.
I always find inspiration for design...wherever I am and lately I have been in yarn shops. Each shop is a unique reflection of it's owner(s). The aesthetic of each place is an illustration of  passion, creativity and spirit, yet each is different. Each is successful, in business, in inspiring other to be creative.
This underlines my design philosophy that each space we at LiLu Interiors create must be unique, influenced by the architecture, surroundings, core values and life goals of the people who occupy the space.
Paying attention to what you love about spaces you go into, restaurants, hotels, friends homes, and even shops can reveal to you what your unique aesthetic is. After a small tour of yarn shops, on Friday we will discuss how to drawn inspiration from each place you love and what to record to create a record of your aesthetic.
Today, Let's visit Bella Lana in Northeast Minneapolis