24 August, 2012

Read, Write, Reuse

by Lauren Setum, Allied Member ASID
Today's Friday entry includes not only a few fabulous looks of the day, but also a weekend activity that we think many of the reading-buffs and creative types out there would enjoy! First off, mark your calendars for this Sunday night as there is a really great literary event going on in the Twin Cities. Hazel & Wren (AKA two Minneapolis based sisters who manage a literary website) are hosting an event downtown. Read on to find out more about their mission and event:


To foster and contribute to the literary arts by providing a community in which other writers, artists, and designers can have in-depth conversations about the literary arts, and an inclusive forum inviting submissions and intelligent critiques of each other’s work. This takes the form of the Hazel & Wren website, and eventually will include a non-profit literary journal. Additionally, the Hazel & Wren website seeks to be a source of inspiration and guidance to the creative community by sharing interviews, research, event lists, and interesting work. hazelandwren.com


Hazel & Wren and pop-up art gallery Ad Hoc Art Minneapolis present LITERARTY PARTY, a literary open mic, social hour, and music set on Sun, August 26 from 6 pm–10 pm. Social hour and open mic sign-up starts at 6:00 pm. Grab some cold summer treats and take a walk through the art space, featuring all local artists. Celebrate the literary-art mash-up through a social media contest and other on-site interactive fun. Readers begin at 7:00 pm, in order of the sign-up sheet. The open mic is open to all interested wordsmiths of any genre: fiction, poetry, nonfiction, spoken word, and all literary mischief welcome. Audience members will vote by ballot for their favorite open mic performer. Featured local writers, Rob Callahan and Courtney Algeo, will follow the open mic set, and music will close the evening. For more info visit http://www.hazelandwren.com/event/literarty-party-an-open-mic/

This week we've tipped our hats to the literary world. More than that, we've seen some fabulous collaborations between the literary and design fields. To wrap up, we're showing you a few more great wall coverings from Weitzner. If you're not sick of reading yet, scroll down to discover the stories behind these fabulous works of art!

"Recycled cinema posters are first collected then stripped and then woven into a riot of color hinting at the drama, romance and action of the movies they once advertised. The multi-hued strips reveal intriguing details close-up while creating an all-over texture from a distance." Weitznerlimited.com

 "Using an age-old technology of upcycling old newspapers, 100% real newsprint strips are handwoven on a loom and then paperbacked to make Newsworthy suitable for the wall." Weitznerlimited.com