16 April, 2010

Women In Design: Lori Weitzner

By LuAnne Silvia, ASID
Who she is: Principal and Creative Director of Lori Weitzner Design Inc.
Why she inspires us: She is an innovator and has a hand in a variety of arenas from textiles and wall covering to rugs and bedding as well as dinnerware and fashion accessories. She is equally talented in all fields. Her award winning work has been featured in exhibits and collections in museums including our very own Minneapolis Institute of Arts. She is inventive. We are excited about her newest wall covering which is magnetic. It is available in two patterns and both are stunning, and of course quite functional. We envision it in home offices and mudrooms everywhere. Other spring introductions include wall covering made out of recycled newspapers and pressed paper made out of mulberry fibers. See these products and more below.
Meet Lori Weitzner
lori photo
Magnetic wall coveringWeitzner magnetic
Weitzner magnetic wall cover
Weitzner magnetic wall cover 2
Recycled newsprint wall coveringWeitzner news
Weitzner newsworthy-1
Pressed paperWeitzner mulberry
Weitzner pressed paper
Fabrics and beaded trimslori fabric
lori bead
lori pillow
For more inspiration visit www.loriweitzner.com

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