22 June, 2012

Wolf Convection Steam Oven

By Alison Perkins, LiLu Interiors Intern
Yesterday, we had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Roth Distributing in Minnetonka to preview some new, top of the line Wolf appliances.  One in particular left all of our mouths watering and each of us wanting one of our own!  The Wolf Convection Steam Oven priced at $3200 looks like a normal wall appliance, but is really so much more.  It has multiple programs that allow you to create the perfect pot roast or even bring old leftovers back to life again and tasting even better than the first time.  It is perfect for the fast paced modern family and dummy proof for the inexperienced cook.  We witnessed a demonstration first hand of multiple foods being put onto the same tray and into the steamer (broccoli, noodles, shrimp and hot dog).  We were all pleasantly surprised when the hot dog bun was perfectly warm and fluffy after the steaming and that each food had its own taste and they didn't all mesh together.  Not to mention that it only took eight minutes to cook!

Now I know  what you're thinking, why should I buy something that cannot fully replace my current oven?  Well. the Convection Steam Oven uses tap water for steaming and pops out whenever it  needs to be refilled without interrupting the current cooking.  It can defrost meat without cooking the edges so that there is an even thaw.  You can also preset your favorite recipes into the appliance and expect a higher nutritional content and larger oven than any other competitor on the market.

Perhaps  our favorite part of the visit was the dessert demonstration.  She cooked the perfect fried ice cream in the oven and made three different batches of cookies with a regular oven, the steam oven and a microwave, all Wolf appliances of course.  None of us could tell the difference!

Needless to say, we left with our bellies full and a desire to have one in our own kitchens!