07 April, 2017

Wine Lover? How To Design A Wine Room, Bar or Closet Just Right For You-According to LiLu

by Lisa Peck, ASID
How to Design a Wine Room
If you are a wine lover it's probably on your dream home list to have a wine room! And why wouldn't it be? Designing your hobbies and passions into your home is a key to having a home that supports your life and lets you live to the fullest. Have you always wanted to expand your wine collection or have wine tasting parties at home? Here are key things to consider as you design a wine room (bar or closet).
If you are working with design professionals you are in luck...just tell your architect the size of your wine collection now and how much you would like it to grow and they will design it into your new home. Done! Your interior designer can help you pick the right finishes, storage, lighting and furnishings to create a space that reflects your signature style. That was easy!
Well it can be that simple but whether you are working with design professionals or not here are three key things to consider when designing your wine enthusiasm into your home.

First ask yourself what size space do you want?

Design a wine room that fits you

Credits LiLu Interiors

If you want an entire wine room were you can have a few people in to a tasting and maybe sit around a table and enjoy yourselves for an evening, you will need to find unused space in your home. Lower Levels are typically a great spot to locate a full blown wine room. Unused bedroom and storage spaces are ideal.
Wine bars are easy to work into a family room, lower level rec room or even into a pantry that is dining room adjacent.

Design a wine room near dining room

Credits LiLu Interiors

If you want a smaller wine storage area or closet, look first at closets you aren't fully using. Another great option is located wine storage under a stair.

Wine Room Design Under the Stairs

Credits Malbec Homes & Renovations, Brandon Architects Inc, Significant Buildings and Construction,


Then consider your style.

Before you fully trick out your wine room think about the style of the rest of your home. When many people think about a wine room they may remember their trip to Napa or Italy and have a picture in their head. That vision may not match the architecture or style of their home. ....

Design A Wine Room styles

Credits @frontiercustom builders @getstact @elsa.cdt

As a rule your wine room shouldn't be reminiscent of visiting a theme restaurant or amusement park. Match it's style to your home and you will hit a home run!

You know your style but what's your mood?

In any style you could strike a different mood! A wine room could be a little mysterious, a little sexy, a little playful or more serious. Any mood can be achieved in your wine room by selecting the right materials and designing a great lighting plan.
We recommend finding some inspiration pictures to describe the mood you want to achieve. After all a picture is worth 1,000 words!
Here is a quick selection of mood inspiration images...Which appeals to you?

Design a wine room mood

Credits @bespokeid, @boxinteriordesign, @getstact, @tracylynnstudio

Where will you enjoy your wine? Once you have the perfect wine room you'll need a place to sit and enjoy. Check out the blog Friday for our favorite bar tables and chairs!