01 June, 2010

Why Not?

By Lisa Peck, ASID
At LiLu we are constantly striving to update our education in all matters related to interior design. LuAnne Silvia and I recently completed a course in sustainability and received our certifications as accredited professionals. The course focused specifically on furnishings and other interior design issues. It was developed in conjunction with the Sustainable Furnishings  Council and approved by ranking staff of Rainforest Alliance, World Wildlife Fund and one of the co-founders of USGBC/LEED.
The best thing I took away from this course was the question...Why not?
As a designer, I have been concerned for years with questions of indoor air quality and sustainability and have incorporated many sustainable elements into our designs over the years but I never looked at the issue from the perspective of this question before!
Why not....make a more sustainable choice? Why not...ensure better indoor air quality for our clients?  Why not...focus on the source of our furnishings and finishes?
Why not create the safest, healthiest environments for our clients to live and raise their families in?
There are so many exciting choices for sustainable fabrics, furnishings and finishes in our tool kit that it is easy to make a more sustainable home than ever before! This week we will talk about a handful of issues related to sustainability and help you to think about Why not?

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