04 June, 2010

Why Not? Save Water

By Lisa Peck, ASID
Saving water is a great thing! We encourage people to turn off the tap while brushing...as interior designers there are many ways we can help our clients save water.
There is the obvious low-flow fixtures....
Dual flush toilet from Toto.Water sense certified. (Find out more)
aaa87276_cropLow flow shower head from Kohler.
aab16700Water sense certified lavatory faucet from Kohler.
And then the not so obvious...finding fabrics, carpeting etc. that is manufactured in a way that uses less water in the process.
This fabric from Brentano is an example of a fabric milled while using the least amount of water. There are many fabric and carpeting manufacturers who have a commitment limiting the use of water in their manufacturing process to a minimum. LiLu Interiors designers keep up on all the new information about manufacturers we use so you don't have too.

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