03 June, 2010

Why Not? Save Energy

By Lisa Peck
As we design homes for our clients we select and specify finishes, furniture, lighting and appliances. There are ways to make these selections that will help save energy. Energy used in the production of these items and energy throughout the live of the home. Energy spent on maintaining and actual energy consumption.
Many of us are familiar with energy star ratings for appliances...light fixtures are also available with energy star ratings! Energy star rated fixtures use 75% less energy and still manage to look beautiful.
By Hubbardton Forge
by Minka Lavery
Appliance choices for energy star rating are abundant...
Many Subzero refrigerators and freezers are energy star rated. But bonuses are that they are manufactured in the US...no shipping and fuel use to get them in from China or Europe! Many run on less energy than a 100 watt light bulb and Subzero uses recycled content and non-ozone depleting refrigerant.
The list of items here could be endless...but just one more thought by specifying finishes that don't require heavy cleaning with vacuums or harmful chemicals we can also reduce energy consumption and improve indoor air quality.

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