05 June, 2010

Why Not ? Local Sources

By Lisa Peck
Wow! Local sources! What a great idea...lot's of us are trying to eat local, support local businesses etc. But when it comes to building a home local gets more challenging right? Sometimes but...it can also be fun. There are shades of local just like there are shades of green.
Local within 500 miles, local within the five state area, local as in made in the USA.  Any of these are more local than having items shipped from Asia, Europe, or Africa. Now...some things may still be better, more interesting etc. when they are from elsewhere but you might be surprised by all the great things that are available and made locally.
Local products can be beautiful, affordable and support the local community.


Tile made locally by Bon Ton Tile. (see more) Minnesota Made


Tile by Clay Squared to Infinity (see more) Minnesota Made


Shektastone counter tops from paper counter tops (see more) Minnesota Made


Locally milled or reclaimed wood flooring from Root River Flooring.


Pearl baths made in Minnesota and elsewhere in the U. S. (see more)

At LiLu Interiors we are educated in all the local resources and know what's beautiful too!

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