26 January, 2020

What Will You Do with Your Place in This World: According to LiLu

What Will You Do with Your Place in This World- According to LiLu

At LiLu Interiors, we are asking this question in 2020, and we’ve reorganized our website around it. We want to refocus the conversation around home and home design to reach a deeper level that allows us to help our clients elevate their every day lives. And so, we presenting this question, what will you do with your place in this world?  as the first of many that will help us get to know each client more deeply so together, we can design a home that reflects their values, intentions and goals for their lives.
Our team has a combined 79 years of experience working with our clients and we know that understanding the motivation behind any project is the key to delivering a space that exceeds expectations. Over our careers, we have noted there are some common motivations for wanting to build, remodel or re-decorate their homes. We have identified 10 broad answers to the question What Will you do with your place in this World? Choose one on our home page and navigate your way through homes designs that match your intentions for how you want to live.

One: Live Artfully

Whether you are a collector of art and art objects or you want to elevate cooking and entertaining to an art form for many of our clients living artfully and with their passions at the center of their home and life is a priority.
For these clients their life is a canvas and they are intentionally creating a life that is full of the high notes, beautiful colors and experiences that in the end will be a masterful composition of the things they love. Travel, collecting, eating gourmet or healthful foods. Life is to be savored and celebrated as an artform itself for these unique individuals and families.
While all their homes are unique to their own interests, people who live artfully have in common custom designed pieces and well-curated spaces allow everyday life to be a more beautiful experience.

Two: Gather Your Tribe

When the answer to What will you do with your place in this world is create connection, gather your tribe is your vibe. Creating a place for connection is another common motivation behind designing a new space for our clients. That could look many ways, having a space where the immediate family connects and shares their day, jokes and eats together or a gathering spot for friends and extended family to come together and play in a serious way that strengthens bonds and creates shared memories, or being the spot where the teens in your kid’s life want to gather. Being the home that welcomes and nurtures those bonds is a very satisfying experience for many of our clients.
Designing a home or space that welcomes and encourages these kinds of bonds is a special emphasis on welcoming, warm and well-planned spaces that foster conversation and focus on the people you are with in the space.

Three: Entertain at Home

The number of times we start a project because the client wanted to host book club, game night, graduation party or a big fund-raiser and feel like they could be a gracious host is considerable. Designing a home that allows you to entertain a group with ease take thoughtful planning, consideration of all the needs guests and hosts alike might have and addressing them in the design of a room.
Entertaining at home often involves having a kitchen that works for you and for a caterer and knowing how a large party unfolds. Over the years we’ve designed spaces for everything from a weekly game of poker, pool, or bridge to yearly gatherings for fund-raisers or Thanksgivings that involve extended families of 30 people or more.
What Will You Do With Your  Place In This World?

Four: Create Joy

Because, why not? A happy home is a goal for most people and while we all know true happiness isn’t found in a paint color or a beautiful fabric our happiness can be enhanced by surrounding ourselves with beauty.
Beauty and joy can be found in the small moments, the little touches. Knowing you are in a happy home where joy is a valued part of life can look colorful or be expressed in careful attention to detail of how things look and operate in a way that conveys caring and a mindful approach to life.
Sometimes the space we design to create joy have a strong connection with nature and there is a proven link between mental health and connecting with nature, so says Psychology today.
Creating joy at home makes your home an anti-dote and haven to the outside world which can feel rough and tumble at times.
What Will You Do with Your Place in This World?

Five: Refeather Your Nest

Life changes often prompt a need for a change in environment. Often, it’s the empty nest phase of live that causes a homeowner to call us because they are seeking an answer to What will you do with your place in this world? …empty nest addition. As you move from one phase of life to another your home may need to be a different size, level of maintenance or become a place that is both perfect for you and a returning chick!
When we’ve worked with empty-nesters, we’ve done projects as varied as redecorating spaces in their existing home to become guest rooms, offices and exercise room or making a major down-sizing and move to a maintenance-free condominium that allow them to travel at will. The take-away for the LiLu designers is an empty-nest looks different through every set of eyes. We take all of our preconceived ideas and set them aside to really understand how each individual or couple sees this phase of life and work to create a home that works for you.
What Will You Do with Your Place in This World?

Six: Eat Well

Wellness is a more of a priority for many of us and eating well at home is easier with a kitchen, dining area and garden that you love. Kitchen design is about more than just creating a functional beautiful space for cooking. By exploring function, how people cook and eat together and planning to make that happen in an ease-filled way we can encourage healthy eating.
Did you know that people will eat more of the food that is out on the counter than what is tucked behind a cabinet? Convenient storage for fresh fruits and vegetables is just one tool we use ensure your home supports healthy habits. If you’re answer to What will you do with your place in this world? Is create a healthy family eating well is a cornerstone of that philosophy.
What Will You Do with Your Place in This World?

Seven: Live Sustainably

The goal of leaving the world a better place is not a small matter, but many of our client’s desire to live as sustainably as possible. From designing LEED certified and Net Zero homes to designing spaces that encourage composting and recycling through convenience our goal at LiLu Interiors is to move along with our clients to more and more sustainable lifestyles.
We work hand in hand with our clients to understand why they want to live a more sustainable lifestyle and how their goals can be achieved within their new or existing homes. Reusing furnishings, repurposing and understanding all the principles of sustainable design allows us to support our client’s goals for a sustainable life.
How to design a home that allows you to entertain at home, rejuvenate, create wellness and support the life you want to live. #interiordesign #wellness #entertain #interiordesignideas #interiordecor #homedesign #intentionalliving

Eight: Reinvent Yourself

There are times in life when you decide you need a change; life changes can make you ask if your home is a reflection of you today or a remnant of a previous version of yourself. A life change can make you want your home to reflect where you are in life today.
If you’ve gone from being single to married, a couple to a family, or perhaps moved because of an exciting job opportunity, it’s all an opportunity to take a fresh look at your life and reinvent yourself. Creating a home that fits your life circumstances is a fun part of the life changes. Creating home reflect who you are and how you want to live today a fun journey to take. Many clients start a project because a life change has prompted them to look around and ask if their home suits them today.
What Will You Do with Your Place in This World?

Nine: Rejuvenate

More often than our clients work hard in demanding careers, as volunteers, as parents and need their home to provide a haven and respite from the hard work of adulting and a place to rejuvenate so they can go out and do great things in the world. Wanting your place in this world to rejuvenate you is a great goal!
A get away where you can relax, truly be yourself, get a good nights sleep, practice wellness and generally refill your cup so you can be a better you is a goal the designers at LiLu Interiors love to tackle. By knowing where you want to go…rejuvenate yourself, we can create spaces where all your senses will be supported in resting and refueling themselves.
What Will You Do with Your Place in This World?

Ten: Be Productive

The be busy mantra is a thing of the past in seeking work life balance, many of us want every minute we spend on work to be productive. Getting our work done efficiently and, on our terms, allows us to life our lives to the fullest. Many clients contact us to design spaces that allow them to work in the best way possible, so they have time for the other parts of live they find enjoyable too.
Being productive can sometimes mean working from home so you can cover all the bases and get your work done too. We often design home offices or portable spots to work around their home in spots that work best for them.
What Will You Do with Your Place in This World?

Bringing Intention Home

At LiLu Interiors, we love designing spaces that support our client’s lifestyles. It is our intention to find out your intentions. Would you like to create a home that is a reflection of your style, interest and values in life?  Surround yourself with color that speaks to your soul? Whatever your intention is, we want to know. We are in the business of designing interiors and creating spaces for you to live out your dreams. Whatever your dream is, we will creatively collaborate with you to design a home that uniquely expresses who you are and how you live. Give us a call, let’s bring your intentions home. 612-354-3271
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Comments on What Will You Do with Your Place in This World: According to LiLu
  1. Leslie Carothers says:

    You have given me a lot of food for thought with this post, Lisa. It’s really well done. I am making plans to redo my own home this year ( at long last and if there is time) and several of these statements resonate with me.
    Thanks so much for writing this!

  2. Sheri Bruneau says:

    What a thought provoking post Lisa. Every category you bring up in this post is just bang on. Our hone is simply more than where you rest your head every night. Creating spaces to host experiences (whether work or play) in our homes allows us to fully live.
    Thank you for breaking it down so eloquently.

  3. Janet R Lorusso says:

    Such an excellent post, Lisa! It really is (or should be!) understanding the motivation and therefore deeper goals that drives the whole design. I love how you have articulated these 10 goals!

  4. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    I love this post. It really gets to the heart of why people want to update their homes so that your can create the perfect design for them. I definitely relate to the “living artfully”, “creating joy”, “reinvent yourself” categories so can see how more than one idea can apply!

  5. Amy Wax says:

    I am so inspired by your post! With the 2920 trend of personalizing your home and your life, this post speaks to that sense of direction with inspiration and grace! I especially love the phrase “masterful composition of the things they love” and how you broadened that concept to so many aspects of our lives! Well done Lisa!

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