18 October, 2019

What We’ve Been Up To at LiLu


I often wonder, what does my dog do while I'm not around? The movie The Secret Life of Pets attempted to answer this question playfully, but I suspect it's not as exciting as the movie. What does this have to do with an interior design blog? Well.... I'm sure many of our clients wonder, what does my Interior Designer do when I'm not around? (Or maybe they have something better to do than sit around and think about us? Hard to be sure.) Anyway, for all of you who are wondering, "What is LiLu up to!?" I present: "What We've Been Up To at LiLu"! All your burning questions will be answered and you will wonder no more! (Is the movie The Secret Life of Designers just around the corner? Could be. Inquiring minds want to know.)
interior-design-photo-shoot-minneapolis-55405.jpg interior-design-photo-shoot-minneapolis-55405.jpg interior-designer-fabric-presentation-55405.jpg construction-site-visit-interior-designer-55405.jpg interior-design-finishes-minneapolis-55405.jpg furniture-selection-interior-designer-55405.jpg furniture-selection-interior-designer-55405.jpg pin this 1 into our week

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