15 July, 2015

What is a typical interior design budget?

by Lisa Peck, ASID
Representing the style and interior design ideas of LiLu Interiors Minneapolis, MN and Boone, NC studios

What is the typical budget for a project LiLu Interiors works on?
Every client and project is different. Each budget should match the level of detail, quality and service you want and deserve.
At LiLu we help clients with a variety of project types from an entire new construction home, kitchen remodel, bath remodel to a single room design. There are some basic things that should be included in every budget.

  • Creative fees for work from interior designers, architects, landscape designers and other design professionals.
  • Construction costs for building or finishing the shell of your space, including a general contractor, sub contractors and all the fixtures, finishes, millwork and cabinetry that will be needed.
  • Technology that will make your home or space function the way you want including audio/video equipment, security, automation/smart-home technology.
  • Furnishings that match the quality and vision you have for your space included in furnishings should be everything from major pieces of furniture to lamps accessories and housewares like towels, and dishware that will be the final touches to finish your space.
  • Contingency fund should be included for any unforeseen conditions or extras that become must haves during your project. Having a contingency fund of 10-15% for each category in your budget will reduce stress during your project.