31 August, 2010

Wellington and Around…Cheers, Bro!

By Lauren Setum, LiLu Interiors Intern

I spent the first part of my year in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. This country of four million people consists of two islands, the North Island and the South Island, with the South claiming only a quarter of the population but an equivalent number of visitors who come to explore. As a whole, New Zealand is known for its vineyards, adrenaline sport activities, and love of rugby (watch out NFL fans, it gets intense!). Oh, and of course, once outside the city it’s hard to go far without seeing a sheep! Perhaps a less well-known trivia fact is that the country was the first to give women the right to vote, roughly twenty years before the United States.
Wellington is situated on the southern tip of the North Island, and on a clear day, I had a beautiful view of the harbor from my top floor apartment. The city has been called the political and cultural center of the country, and it more than lives up to expectations. Various sculptures adorn the city sidewalks, and the arts, sporting events, and political rallies and protests are anything but scarce.

An abundance of poetic quotes can be found around the city if you look closely. This was down by the harbor.

There was always something going on at the waterfront. Markets, ice cream, and water bubbles were only a few of the options!

A very artistic city! 

At a Hurricane's game (Wellington's rugby team)

Parliament; the round building on the left houses the Executive Wing and is referred to as 'the Beehive'.  The building on the right was constructed years earlier as you can see by the difference in architectural styles.

Seashells on the sidewalk

 I was glad to have the opportunity to explore the country outside of Wellington as well. Most of my extended breaks from school were spent on the South Island. Hot air ballooning and hiking on a glacier topped my list of favorite activities.

Ferry to the South Island

Beach stop on our kayaking/hiking/sailing trip


Sailing past Split Apple Rock

Inflating the hot air balloon

About ready to hop in and take off!

View from the balloon

Fox Glacier

Hiking the glacier with all our gear!

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