21 June, 2020

Warm Neutrals as Wall Colors-A Guide-According to LiLu Interiors

 Warm Neutrals as Wall Colors- A Guide

Today I am offering a guide to warm neutrals as wall colors, for many homeowners selecting a wall color is a daunting prospect. There are simply so many options that it can be overwhelming.
I will let you in on a little secret, when we are working on an interior, often paint color is the last thing we select. My clients are often surprised by this. We often start a project with paint as a palette as part of the concept for the interior but fine-tuning and making a final selection of a warm neutral for a wall is usually the final piece to the puzzle.
Often once we start the decorating phase of interior design project, LiLu will find a “magic fabric” that is the anchor of a color scheme. Often, these fabrics have a neutral background. Once we have that fabric, we can focus in on the neutral wall color. At the bottom of the post, we are sharing a few neutrals that are winners most of the time. We may use neutral for large upholstery piece in combination with a neutral wall or color.
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Warm Neutrals as Wall Colors-A Guide

The Neutral Wall in a Colorful Room

At first glance, you might say this is one colorful room. The balance was the key here. We used both warm and cool neutrals and used the rug as the magic pattern in this room where the warm and cool neutrals come together with bright colors to create a happy look without going overboard with color.
Warm Neutrals as a Wall Colors-A Guide

Neutral as a Foil for Bold Color

A Guide to Neutral as Wall Colors cannot miss the point that a neutral wall can be a great foil for big bold colors. Here a teal sofa and cabinet backs balance each other and the neutral wall color is a perfect foil to keep the room colorful but not overwhelming.
Wall Neutral as Wall Colors-A Guide

More Neutral than Not

A neutral wall can give a classic look to an interior where neutrals are the theme. Here we have used neutrals in the majority of elements in this interior and worked color in through drapery and smaller pieces in the room.
Warm Neutrals as Wall Colors-A Guide

Warm Neutrals as Wall Colors-Magic Fabrics

Often a beautiful print fabric is used in an interior to bring a color palette together and if it has a warm neutral background that can help you narrow down the color for your warm neutral wall. This pattern from Christopher Farr Cloth isn't a bold pattern and it still has many colors to pull out and inspire a complete color palette. We have pulled two neutrals and three accent colors. Balancing these in an interior could look many different ways but either warm neutral could be a great wall color.
A Guide to Warm Neutral as Wall Colors

Uplifting Warm Neutrals as Wall Colors

This pattern Birds by Galbraith and Paul is one of my absolute fabrics and comes in multiple color palettes that could be used as the basis for a color scheme. The background here has a bit of creamy yellow in it. A light creamy color is a perfect way to go in an interior that has a happy, uplifting vibe.
Warm Neutrals as Wall Colors-A Guide

Fresh Traditional

To keep things fresh and still traditional using a warm neutral wall color mixed with vibrant, bold colors is a current look. We used this updated French Floral from Edit to inspire this color palette. Notice the neutral wall does not match the background but instead is a tint of the neutral used as a vine in the print. This prevents this color palette from being staid.
Warm Neutrals as Wall Colors-A Guide

World Inspired Palette with Warm Neutral Walls

Color palettes create moods and this palette is pulled together with fabric from Mally Skok with a spicy Morrocan palette. The unusual color palette of the fabric allowed us to pull together a palette that is unexpected and vibrant with a rich undertone.
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Explore Your True Colors

If you are exploring colors to use in your home take the quiz below to find an interior color palette with neutrals, accents, and grounding colors just for you! Just click on the image to start!
Find Your True Colors pin this 1 Warm Neutrals as Wall Colors-A Guide